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Scrollable BackgroundImage in Spread for .Net

Recently, one of our customers came up with a very interesting requirement in Spread for .Net control : that of a Scrollable BackgroundImage as in MS Excel.

AutoScrolling in C1FlexGrid

This is yet another utility blog wherein we will discuss a user scenario. C1FlexGrid offers a ScrollBars property that allows the users to display scrollbars if the contents of the control extend beyond its visible area. The user can also select which scrollbars should appear on the control by setting the property to Vertical/Horizontal/Both/None.

Scrolling Multiple Spreads Simultaneously

We often come across a scenario where a large amount of data needs to be displayed in a grid and it is not completely visible in the browser's window; here the Scrolling functionality comes into play. We are allowed to scroll horizontally and vertically to view the data in a spreadsheet. So is the case with ComponentOne Spread. With Spread you can turn the scrolling feature off by using :

Wijmo Gridview: Maintaining Scroll Position on Asynchronous Postback

Most of the developers prefer placing contents in an Update Panel so that they can avoid full page postback. But, when we place Gridview for Wijmo in an Update Panel then it loses its scroll position after the asynchronous postback as the grid is reloaded. The scrollbars are reset and the end user is required to scroll it back to the location where it was before partial postback.

Scrolling Contents Of C1OutPage Using MouseWheel

The C1OutBar supports scrolling through scrollbars as shown in the image below :