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Find and Display Reports

Now that we've set up the Administrator Dashboard, we can shift over to the Report Portal, where our users will access reports.

Highlight Search String in Silverlight Flexgrid

Many of our users often requested on how to highlight searched text with changed Foreground in Silverlight Flexgrid. This blog explains a simple approach to do this.

Using the Windows 8 Search Charm with C1CollectionView and C1FlexGrid

With the C1CollectionView class you can filter your data collection in an easy and familiar fashion. C1CollectionView is a more powerful implementation of the ICollectionView interface that includes support for sorting, filtering and grouping. If you come from WPF or Silverlight and are used to working with CollectionView, then you will love C1CollectionView for WinRT.

Searching Nodes in C1Treeview

C1TreeView is basically used to display Hierarchical data and can used in both bound and unbound mode. We can even show nested parent-child relationship by implementing C1HierarchicalDataTemplate and this has already been explained in this blog.

Highlight Searched Words in C1Editor

C1Editor is a control that works on the same line as MS word and MS FrontPage. One can search the word by using the find feature of the same. But there might be certain situations when the user wants to highlight all the occurrences of the searched word in the C1Editor. This is similar to the function performed by Google toolbar wherein you search for a topic, navigate to a matching page and clicking on the google toolbar highlight button adds a yellow highlight to all the instances of the search text that appear in the page.