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HowTo Identify Section OverFlow in ActiveReports

Recently one of our customer had a requirement in ActiveReports where he wanted to check when the detail section overflows to a new page and when not. The first thing which will come to our mind as an approach to solve this issue is that we may calculate the height of all the sections on the page and then accordingly find out a solution. However, practically this is not a simple thing to do and will require a lot of things to keep in mind while making this calculation.

Adding a Parameter DropDown to ActiveReports Viewer

ActiveReports allows you to use parameters to filter or add data to display in reports at runtime. You can either prompt users for parameters so that they control the output, or supply the parameters behind the scenes. If we talk about parameters then we already have many blog topics on different ways of passing parameters to a report. However in this blog article our main focus is to change the way we pass parameters to a report.

Generate Columns at Runtime in ActiveReports

Ad-Hoc reporting is a very common requirement if we talk about reporting. It is very common for a developer to handle the report data and layout, and it can become quite a tedious task if the reporting tool is not flexible enough. Thanks to the rich API of ActiveReports, developers can use it efficiently,  both at the designer level as well when working with code-behind.