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Using SharePoint Calendars with ComponentOne Scheduler for LightSwitch

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch has a great feature nobody talks about: the ability to use SharePoint as a data source. Data is created and stored in SharePoint all the time and that data is often useful in business applications. Imagine a project management or time management application, for example. Chances are that there is a SharePoint calendar somewhere that has useful data for that application.

How ComponentOne Web Parts Make the SharePoint 2010 Experience Better

SharePoint 2010 portals are great platforms to facilitate communication and productivity. They can be used for business intelligence reporting, performance monitoring, record tracking, data entry, and so much more. As SharePoint grows in popularity, pressure on the people responsible for creating data-powered portals increases. While SharePoint includes many convenient tools, developers often need to get involved to create complex data views or create tools where none exist.

Spread for SharePoint now provides full binding-support for SQL Data Tables

Sometimes you know exactly what you're doing, and you know exactly how to do it.  Other times you give it your best shot, and hope for good results

Spread for SharePoint - Out the Door!

It is a great feeling when you manage a product from concept, through design, development, testing, and the last difficult stages of release! 

Mixon and FarPoint Spread for SharePoint

Thanks to Bob Mixon of Mixon Consulting for mentioning our Spread for SharePoint product -- yes, we too are excited about offering the first integrated spreadsheet Web Part. As he says: