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Barcode Cell Type in Spread for ASP.NET

As you may know, Spread is extremely flexible when it comes to designing your own cell types and even though a barcode cell isn't native in Spread for ASP.NET, creating your own is a very facile task. There are a few ways to do this and the path I chose was to use the Aspose barcode generator .NET control (Any barcode generator will work.) You can also use an online generator, as long as you're able to pass a query string to the URL.

HowTo: Customize GroupHeaderRow in Spread for ASP.NET

Spread for ASP.Net provides built-in functionality to perform Grouping in Spread that allows users to group the data rows by a specific column. Use the AllowGroup property of the sheet to turn on grouping. The group header row by default displays the column index and the unique value in the column on the basis of which the specific group is created.