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Spread Windows Forms Designer and Sparklines

You can use the Spread Windows Forms designer to quickly design a sparkline.

SpreadJS and TypeScript

For some developers, working with TypeScript provides better tools and options than just JavaScript by itself. SpreadJS script code can be written in TypeScript to provide that enhanced functionality in conjunction with the power of SpreadJS. In this blog, you will learn how to use TypeScript in place of JavaScript code to implement SpreadJS functionality.

Spread.Views and the Trellis Layout

If you want to create a card style layout that can be used to collaborate with others or to keep track of a process, the Trellis view in Spread.Views may be just what you need.

SpreadJS Designer and Tables

The SpreadJS designer allows you to create tables quickly and without code.

Excel to Spread Copy/Paste V9

Spread for ASP.NET is a useful web tool for providing Excel-like functionality to users on a webpage. It might be useful to give users the ability to paste ranges from their Excel Spreadsheets into Spread. While this feature is not currently in Spread for ASP.NET, code can be written to achieve the same functionality. Rather than using purely client-side code to implement the pasting of cells from Excel to Spread, this tutorial sends HTML strings back to the server for parsing to recreate the copied cell range in Spread.

Spread.Views and the Gantt View

A Gantt view that displays the tasks and progress of a project can make it easier to plan and allocate resources.

Adding a Ribbon to Spread WPF

The Spread WPF Designer provides useful properties and settings that developers can change to create specific sheets and templates for use in their application. This functionality could be useful to users as well, and the bulk of that functionality is contained within a Ribbon toolbar. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for adding an open-source Ribbon toolbar to a WPF application with Spread. The toolbar that is used in this tutorial is an open-source ribbon for WPF applications called “Fluent Ribbon”, and it can be found here: Fluent Ribbon GitHub


Many people are pleasantly surprised that we still offer our classic SpreadCOM control and naturally have many questions. Here are your answers:

Spread Windows Forms and Camera Shapes

Spread Windows Forms supports a unique feature known as a camera shape.

Spread ASP CRUD Row Edit Template

While Spread for ASP.NET can be combined with CRUD operations, it might be useful to provide a better way for the user to enter data. In this blog, I will show how to combine a Row Edit Template with CRUD operations. This can be useful for cases where there are a lot of columns, and it would be tedious for the user to scroll through them all to edit the value that they want.

Creating a Spread.Views Calendar

A calendar that shows when employees are out can be useful to everyone at a company.

Spread ASP CRUD SpreadDataBinding

Using CRUD operations with Spread for ASP.NET provides useful database functionality along with an intuitive interface. Spread for ASP.NET has built-in functionality for connecting to a SQL Data Source that can be accomplished in the Design view of Visual Studio.

Introducing Spread.Views, The First JavaScript Data Layout Component

We are very excited to introduce a new JavaScript component that takes data and lays it out virtually any way you can imagine. This includes tabular grids, calendars, cards, trellis, masonry, Gantt, news feed, timeline and more. You give it JSON data, choose your layout, customize, and deploy. It all just takes a few lines of code. This is the first component of its kind and it is currently in Community Technology Preview mode. That means you can try it for free. This article covers what you need to know to learn about what Spread.Views is and how to get started with it.

SpreadJS Designer and the Settings Tab

The SpreadJS Designer allows you to create spreadsheets quickly and without code. The Settings tab in the designer provides appearance and UI options for the entire widget and specific sheets.

Build a JavaScript Spreadsheet in Five Minutes

SpreadJS's Spread.Sheets component is so complete that it can be implemented with very little code and in just a few minutes. You only need the Spread.Sheets core JavaScript library and style sheet; there are no external dependencies.

Spread ASP CRUD ADO.NET Binding

Using CRUD operations with Spread for ASP.NET provides useful database functionality along with an intuitive interface. You can use ADO.NET code and a SQL Server with Spread for ASP.NET with just a little bit of coding to connect everything.

DevChannel Update: Spread.Sheets v10 Preview with Client-side Excel IO Available

Our DevChannel delivers pre-release previews of next version builds and hot fixes. The first entry is a preview build of v10 which is due to release in November. This build has an early version of the new client-side ExcelIO feature. You can now implement Excel import and export functionality on the client and you no longer need to implement the .NET server component. This makes Spread.Sheets applications much easier to distribute and removes dependencies on IIS. Keep in mind that this is a very early preview and many Excel features are not yet supported. We have a special DevChannel forum in which you can discuss any problems you may be having.

Spread Windows Forms and Built-in Shapes

You can use built-in shapes in Spread for Windows Forms to draw attention to different areas of your spreadsheet. You can use shapes to show a process with flowchart-like graphics, use shapes to highlight a particular result, or use a shape for some other purpose.

SpreadJS Designer and Sparklines

The SpreadJS Designer allows you to create sparklines quickly and without code.

SpreadJS Camera Shapes

Camera Shapes in Spread for WinForms allow the developer to take snapshots of content in a range of cells for use in other areas of the sheet, or different sheets entirely. This can help with organizing and presenting data in one cohesive view without having to worry about constraints on that view. In particular, camera shapes help make creating dashboards and complex reports simple and easy. In this blog post, I will show you how to create a custom CameraShape class for use in SpreadJS.