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Automatic Completion and Spread Windows Forms

You may wish to provide a list of items for the user to select to speed up typing or data entry. You can use automatic completion (type ahead) for user input in the cell with Spread for Windows Forms.

Spread Windows Forms and Filtering

You can use filtering to display data that meets specific criteria. This makes it easier to find and view a subset of the data.

Customizing Keyboard Actions

You may wish to change the default keyboard key actions in Spread Windows Forms to something that is easier to use or you may want to disable a default keyboard action and use it for some other action.

Trim Cell Text with Ellipsis in SpreadJS

If your text overflows the cell bounds then an ellipsis should be appended to the text and the rest is cut off. With this the user would be well aware of the fact that there is some amount of text that they can not see. Wouldn’t this be a nice feature for the SpreadJS cells as well?

Rotated Text in SpreadJS Cells

A frequently-asked question is how to rotate cell contents to vertical (or some other angle) in a SpreadSheet. The short answer is that you can't. However, SpreadJS provides simple workaround using CustomCellType in which we can rotate the text.

Icon Rules and Icons

Icon rules are useful for visually representing data. They make trends easier to see in addition to drawing attention to the data. Icon rules display an icon when a cell value is greater than, equal to, or less than a value. Spread for Windows Forms supports built-in icon sets, individual icons, and custom icons.

Adding Cell ToolTips in SpreadJS

Adding Tooltips to Spreadsheets is a common usage where you want to show additional information about cells. SpreadJS allows you to display the tooltip only for the HyperlinkCellType. However, you may want to show cell tooltips for any type of cell, say for instance to display the current cell location in a tooltip.

Setting Table Styles in SpreadJS

You can set styles for many areas of a table with the current version of SpreadJS. You can use a built-in style for the entire table or you can set styles for specific areas.

What's New in Spread 8

In this article, you will find new features and enhancements added to Spread v8 categorized by platform.

What's New in Spread 7

In this article, you will find new features and enhancements added to Spread v7 categorized by platform and minor release.

GrapeCity 2015 Roadmap

This is the time of year in which our clients and many of my co-workers begin inquiring as to what lies ahead here at GrapeCity in 2015. I have tons of new and exciting stuff to share with you about our development efforts in 2015.

Implementing Auto Fill Handle in Spread Studio

Apart from being the most compelling and fascinating control, Spread Studio is one of the best when it comes to customization. Customizing Spread Studio is not at all a difficult task, all that is needed is a tiny amount of time along with a few quick efforts.

Best way to manage state when Spread has large data- Part II

Continuing my previous blog here we would discuss other two approaches of managing state with ComponentOne Spread for ASP.Net i.e.

Spread Silverlight can be customized to show various formats of data. In this blog we will discuss an approach to show Hyperlink Cells in Spread Silverlight.

Printing Non-Continuous Rows in Spread

Spread undoubtedly is one of the most powerful grids available in the market and is justified by tons of features packaged together with it. While developing Spread, we put more influence on customizability and ease of use along with its very attractive features. Time and again, it has been proved that Spread's USP is its ease of customization and development.

Resizing Column In Spread WPF

Spread Winforms provides a very useful feature of resizing a Cell to Fit the Data using GetPreferredColumnWidth method wherein you can resize the cell based on the length of the data in the cell. The size of the cell with the largest data is called the preferred size. The SheetView GetPreferredCellSize method retrieves the preferred size of the specified cell.

Summarizing Selected Cells in Spread

It won't be an exaggeration by declaring that Spread is the world's #1 selling spreadsheet component for Microsoft Visual Studio. There are many factors that contributes to this very special distinction : Data Visualization, Code-free Development and Extensive Customization Options are just to name a few.

What Was Added to SpreadJS in 2014

In 2014, SpreadJS was updated three times and the version numbers coincided with the year and release: 2014 v1, v2, and v3. This list is arranged by release, starting with the most recent.