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Performance Tuning GridView for ASP.NET Wijmo

The GridView for ASP.NET Wijmo has gone through some fine tuning in the last couple of releases. We have been working hard to add new features and at the same time improving the performance of the GridView. As a result the Grid is now more compact with optimized browser payload and faster initialization. Let's see the performance centered changes one by one and how you can benefit by just switching on or off a few properties.

Getting Started with ComponentOne Sparkline for Studio ASP.NET Wijmo

With the release of Studio ASP.NET Wijmo 2014 v2 we introduced the ComponentOne Sparkline control. Sparklines are a popular way of showing inline trends or trends inside data aware controls. A particular usage is to show sales or profit trends. In this blog post we will see how to work with the Sparkline control both when unbound and when embedded in a grid.

What's New in Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo 2014 v2

The ComponentOne 2014 v2 release is here! With this release we have added lots of new stuff to Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo with an emphasis on modern data visualization. In this blog post, I will  introduce to you the new controls and key features.

Candlestick Chart in C1Finance Sample Application

The C1Finance sample is a stock ticker application that uses a line chart to visualize stock history. We recently released a Candlestick chart which is unique to this type of application.

What's New in Studio For ASP.NET Wijmo in 2014v1

It's time for our 2014v1 release and we have some exciting stuff to share with you. With the current release we bring to you new controls and features with emphasis on ease of use.  Let's run through the new things that make 2014v1.

Getting Started with Candlestick Chart For ASP.NET Wijmo

In the 2014 v1 release we introduced Candlestick Chart.This chart can be used for data visualization in various financial applications, a common case for a candlestick chart is to show price movements of a stock. Let's see how we can use the new candlestick chart to show stock prices.