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What's New in ActiveReports 11 Service Pack 2?

Usually, we save major new features for major version releases, and just fix issues and tweak things in service packs. But this time, we added a lot of features and enhancements to both ActiveReports Developer and ActiveReports Server. Plus we added a major feature to ActiveReports Server: a sleek new Web Designer. It is easy enough for newbies to use, but with all of the advanced features and RDL reports that developers and experienced report authors want. Read on to see what else we've included.

HowTo: Change Mouse Cursor for C1RichTextBox Table Element

In this blog lets discuss how we can change the mouse pointer over a table in a ComponentOne RichTextBox document. For example if we have a document in ComponentOne RichTextBox which contains a paragraph and a table and we want that the table should behave differently from the whole paragraph. If we hover the mouse over paragraph and in between there is a table in it the mouse cursor remains the same. Here we would want that the mouse pointer should remain same for the paragraph but different for the table. This is to discriminate between a Table and a paragraph. Have a look at the image below.

Convert a CellRange into a Table using Spread

Spread for Silverlight/WPF provides you a very handy feature where you can convert a cell range in a sheet into a table. By table I mean you can sort this cell range without needing to sort the whole column, you can filter it and you can also modify the appearance for this cell range or should I say table. Lets see how this table looks like in a sheet.

Importing HTML tables to VSFlexGrid

This blog deals with loading of HTML tables into VSFlexGrid.