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Getting Started with ThemeRoller for Visual Studio

ThemeRoller for Visual Studio makes designing beautiful themes for ComponentOne ASP.NET Controls easy. Simply open a SmartTag on any C1 Control and click "Create Theme". ThemeRoller open up inside Visual Studio and allows you to customize a theme without any knowledge of CSS or the Controls. ThemeRoller for Visual Studio can be used to apply application-wide themes to Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo.

A Guide to Wijmo Theming

One of the major features of Wijmo is that it’s built on top of the jQuery plugin model.  The benefit of this is that the Wijmo team took great care into making sure that you got the benefits of working with jQueryUI widgets.  The major benefit being ThemeRoller support.

A New Dawn of Web Development for ComponentOne

I could not be happier to announce our latest release of Studio Enterprise. I am proud to say it includes a completely new Web Stack for any flavor of Web development. As you know we have recently created a whole new framework for pure client-side development called Wijmo. We wrote it to be a core technology for ComponentOne based on the latest standards like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.