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Cross Hair Cursor in C1Chart

What exactly is a Cross-Hair Cursor?

Tracking Data in Wijmo Charts

In one of the previous blogs, I discussed about how you can get the XY coordinates and Data coordinates of the DataPoints in Wijmo Charts. But, recently, one of our customer had a requirement wherein he wanted to display the coordinates of the point on which mouse is being hovered by the end user. We cannot use Hint in this scenario because it displays the value of nearest datapoint irrespective of the data value which is being hovered.

Dynamic ToolTip for Chart with Spread for ASP.Net

Showing a chart with a SpreadSheet has always been in demand. It actually makes data interpretation a lot easier for the end user. Spread provided support for Charts with version 5. Now we have moved to Spread version 7 and charts for Spread have always been improved with each release. In this blog I am going to tell you how we can make our chart a bit interactive with tool tips.

HowTo: Highlight a Datapoint Through Code in WijLineChart

Generally, when we hover the mouse over a datapoint on the wijlinechart, it highlights the datapoint and shows its data value in a tooltip. But, one of our customers had a requirement : He had a Google map on the same page as the line chart and when the mouse hovered over the Google map, he wanted to highlight the corresponding value on the wijmo line chart. That means, we need to highlight the datapoint and show tooltip programmatically.

Attach Tooltips to Column Headers

Tooltips are a commonly used method to show informative descriptions for an object to the end users of an application. Silverlight continues to provide similar functionality in its applications, either in the XAML designer or at runtime through code.

How To: Display ToolTip for a Cell

Spread for Silverlight does not have an in-built feature to show tooltip for a cell. This blog provides a way to use the default Silverlight ToolTip control to show tool tip for a cell in Spread.