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Customized ValueLabels in Wijmo C1BarChart

C1BarChart is one of the most extensively used tool available in the Wijmo controls. In addition to its feature rich interface, it also provides flexibility to developers to work with client side code to get the desired results. Typically when a series is added to C1BarChart, the X and Y axis automatically picks up the labels and display them. However there might be situations when we wish to display some custom text as the chart labels rather than the default text.

Using ValueLabels in Wijmo Charts

The annotation along each axis is an important part of any chart. Wijmo Chart annotates the axes with numbers/datetime values based on Series data. You may format the values using AnnoFormatString property but sometimes we have a requirement to display strings along an axis instead of numeric values (for example, you may be charting product prices and want to display the product names along the X-axis).