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Avoid Overlapping Cell/Row Presenter Background in C1DataGrid

C1DataGrid for SilverLight provides lot of options to customize the Cell or Row contents. One such Option is the availability of LoadedCellPresenter event and LoadedRowPresenter event. As the name suggests, these two events provides the flexibility to customize the Cell or Row respectively. With the help of the Presenter object, you can control the Visual properties like Background, Foreground, Cell contents and many other things conditionally.

Creating Viewports in Spread for Silverlight

Spread for SilverLight allows end users to create and use Viewports. People who are already familiar to different versions with Spread must be aware of what a Viewport is. For those who are not aware of this term; “In context with SpreadSheet, a Viewport is a rectangular independent scrollable area which has some specific row and column count ".