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Getting started with C1ASP.NET Export Services

Export capabilities are a great feature for any grid or chart, and it is a common requirement to use the data or visualization from these controls in reports. ComponentOne ASP.NET Wijmo has an export service which caters to this requirement for ASP.NET Wijmo Controls and widgets.

Getting Started with Trendlines for ComponentOne ASP.NET Wijmo Charts

Trendlines are an important tool to express trends in data visualization controls like charts. Showing trends for yearly sales or profit is a common business requirement. With 2014 v2 release ComponentOne ASP.NET Wijmo, Charts now support this important feature.

Using ValueLabels in Wijmo Charts

The annotation along each axis is an important part of any chart. Wijmo Chart annotates the axes with numbers/datetime values based on Series data. You may format the values using AnnoFormatString property but sometimes we have a requirement to display strings along an axis instead of numeric values (for example, you may be charting product prices and want to display the product names along the X-axis).

Defining Tooltips for DataBound Wijmo Charts

Our customers have asked us how to show multiple columns of the bound data source in the single tooltip for bound Wijmo Charts. So this blog post is for all those customers.