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Wijmo 1.4.0 Released

That's right 1.4.0 is here already. Hint, we are well on our way to a 2.0!

Wijmo 1.3.0 Released

We have been hard at work getting Wijmo releases out the door. It's hard to believe we are already at 1.3.0! This release has an awesome new widget, a bunch of cool new features and a few breaking changes.

Webcast: Building UI with jQuery and Wijmo

We just finished up a Webcast on Wijmo! This session demonstrates how to use jQuery, jQuery UI and Wijmo to build killer User Interfaces. We walk through everything from making a simple Menu to building a dashboard with Charts and Grids.

Wijmo 1.0 has Landed

Wijmo Version 1.0.0 landed in the wee hours of the morning. The team hunkered down for the night inside Wijmo HQ while blizzard-like conditions brewed outside. Nothing was going to stop Wijmo from launching, not snow, nor ice, nor temps below zero.

Wijmo 0.9.0 Released

We are hard at working getting ready for Version 1 of Wijmo that is coming in December! In the meantime, we have released a build that is very close to what Version 1 will look like.

Wijmo 0.8.2 Released

We have officially released Wijmo 0.8.2 Beta and are moving quickly towards the next version!

Wijmo 0.8.1 Released

We have officially released Wijmo 0.8.1 Beta and are moving quickly towards the next version!

Our Roadtrip to jQCon on a Map

We have been experimenting with Maps here at Wijmo HQ and thought it would be fun to make a few mapping apps using Wijmo. What better place to start than mapping our trip to jQuery Conference in Boston!

Wijmo Beta Plans

Things could not have gone better for us this weekend at jQuery Conference in Boston! We are so excited to have this much interest in our jQuery UI widgets. Did you know that we were just planning to announce the project at jQCon? Yeah, then Richard Worth told us that you (the jQuery community) are going to want to see some code ASAP. So that lit a fire under us to get our entire kit of Open Source widgets up on github. Needless to say we were hard at work during our 10 hour drive from Pittsburgh all the way up to 3 minutes before I walked on stage.