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Creating Wijmo Controls: The Multi-Select Box

Wijmo 5 was released almost a year ago, and we've been adding controls and features to it ever since.

Wijmo 2015 v1 Has Landed

Wijmo Enterprise 2015 v1 has officially landed. We have made some major updates to our brand new Wijmo 5 product. We have also added major new widgets and features to our Wijmo 3 and SpreadJS products.

Intro to the Ionic Framework Video

Thanks to everyone who attended our Ionic webcast! Missed the webcast or want to share or watch it again? Below you'll find the recording and the slides used in the presentation.

Wijmo 5 Migration Guide

This document is meant to help guide customers migrating from Wijmo 3 to Wijmo 5. You can follow along with the online sample. The source code is also available in the Wijmo 5 download.

Wijmo 5 is Dependency-free

When we released Wijmo 5, back in October, it had a single dependency: jQuery. In our latest release, build 23, we removed that dependency.

Creating Custom Wijmo 5 Controls

As you may know, we have created our own architecture for creating Controls in JavaScript. So, now I'd like to show you how to write custom Controls that extend our wijmo.Control class. This sample is going to use TypeScript, as we do for all of our Controls. I will provide the runtime JavaScript, which you can also use as a basis for creating Wijmo 5 Controls. This source code for this sample is available in our download. I also published a working version of the custom Control in action.

Ionic Expense Tracker Sample: Creating the Project

In this two part tutorial series, we'll learn how to create a mobile Expense Tracker app using Wijmo 5 and the Ionic Framework. In part 1, we'll start off slow by learning what Ionic is, how to create a mobile project with Ionic, and how to incorporate Wijmo 5 in the project. In part 2, we'll learn how to create some of the most important parts of the existing Expense Tracker app (soon to be) included with the Wijmo 5 download.

Wijmo 5 Control Architecture

Wijmo 5 is a set of JavaScript Controls, not to be confused with Widgets. Previously, we were able to utilize Widget frameworks like jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile. This saved us time in building a foundation and gave us what we needed at the time.