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Windows Forms Development Can Be Modern and We Support it with Studio for WinForms

It is our job as a developer tools company to develop tools on the latest platforms to help you stay on the leading edge. That may make you think we would ignore .NET WinForms, but that is far from the truth. Our mission is to support Windows and Web developers with the latest technology, on the platforms they need to use. Many developers are still developing Windows Forms applications because it is too costly to migrate to something more modern (like WPF) or WinForms simply meets their needs. Rather than ignore this very significant faction of the development community, we strive to continually improve out Studio for WinForms control collection. In fact, that is why it is one of the leading toolsets.

Universal Windows App Road Map

At Build Microsoft announced a new XAML platform for building universal apps that target both the Windows Store and Windows Phone. You can download this platform as part of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC.

Creating a Range Bar Temperature Chart for the Windows Store

Temperature graphs, as seen in the Bing Weather app for Windows, are a variation of a High-Low or a Gantt chart sometimes called a range bar chart. Each plot point has two Y values, a high and a low. In this blog post I discuss how you can create this type of chart using ComponentOne Chart for WinRT XAML.

Mimic the Windows 8 Xbox Music App with C1TabControl

The C1TabControl allows you to display multiple pages of content while saving screen real estate. Using the C1TabControl we can replicate the UI of the new Xbox Music Windows 8.1 app. We will use the control to display tabs along the left edge, as well as some nested tabs for each page. When the user selects any tab the content will animate smoothly onto the screen.

ComponentOne Russ Cam Unplugged : New Series! Increasing Popularity of Phone apps

In this first episode of Russ Cam® Unplugged, Microsoft MVP and Nokia Developer Ambassador, Bill Reiss delivers a great session on increasing your Windows Phone apps popularity.  The goal is simple… to have you feel like you are right in the audience.

Studio for WinRT XAML now with Windows 8.1 support

Build apps that target the highly anticipated update of Windows 8 coming later this year. Studio for WinRT XAML now supports Windows 8.1 Preview with Visual Studio 2013 Preview. Get this latest update only if you plan to build Windows Store apps targeting 8.1.

Spread COM 8.0.20 Released!

I am happy to announce the release of Spread COM 8.0.20! This update fixes a number of reported issues and adds support for Windows 8.

ComponentOne Sponsors Tampa Hackathon this Saturday : Make $$ using C1 controls

Come get your code on at TampaDev quarterly hackathon, you can register at http://www.meetup.com/tampadev and join us at the Tampa Bay Wave facility in downtown (400 N. Ashley Drive, 2nd Floor, Tampa, FL ) on June 15, 2013. Gold sponsors include ComponentOne.

Spread WinRT Released!

I am happy to announce the release of Spread WinRT!

ComponentOne RussCam Episode 91 - Desert Code Camp Part 2

Russ brings you more from Desert Code Camp! Event organizer and President of INETA North America, Joseph Guadagno and Southeast Valley .NET UG, talks about how he became involved with the code camp. He started organizing Desert Code Camp over 5 ½ years ago and it keeps getting bigger and better every year. In fact, it has grown from 250 once a year to 700-800 twice a year. The venue is Chandler-Gilbert Community College with 12 tracks, 103 sessions And 80 different presenters with 25 volunteers. Short story, this is some undertaking and a lot of work for the incredible community event! He brings us up to date on the INETA happenings, with a new INETA website makeover and marketing push for the INETA Speakers program. Then, Scott Cate talks about his work with Event Day where they send attendees a QR code and when scanned can print an event name label. We chat about a session I saw him present at TechEd on Keyboard shortcuts, and was an inspiration for my Windows 8 Shortcuts Phone app and the many other ones I have including VS shortcuts. Watch to the end to see some great photos from the event. This episode is brought to you by ComponentOne Windows 8 Studios.

ComponentOne Sponsors 2013 Day of .Net by Fox Valley .NET User Group

I am packing my bags and headed to the airport for an incredible developer event up in Menasha, Wisconsin, 2013 Day of .NET . This is the furthest north RussCam has been (35 miles south of Green Bay) and I look forward to retuning to a real party town, Appleton. In fact, my battery wore out last year checking in on foursquare to all of the great establishments in that neck of the woods hanging out with a few of the attendees. It was the only time I have reached #2 on the check in list. The conference is an incredible one with lots of great speakers and content (see schedule below) and I am speaking on ‘Building a Windows 8 App from Scratch’  and a sneak peak at our Studio for WinRT XAML.  Here are the RussCam episodes from last year and photos.

ComponentOne sponsors Code PaLOUsa this weekend!

After this weekend this, Louisville will never be the same as RussCamTV heads to Kentucky for this great event. I have heard so many good things about this conference and am looking forward to attending and speaking at this event. I am doing a session on Building a Windows 8 App from scratch with a sneak peak at some of the C1 Windows 8 WinRT XAML controls. For those new to Windows 8 Store app development, this is a killer session that you will enjoy. I have never been to Louisville before, so this will be another RussCam first! I am hoping to visit the Louisville Slugger factory at some point as well. I held those bats as a youngster in little league, as many have,  and high school ball (that was before aluminum bats). I wonder if they are still celebrating the Men’s NCAA tournament championship?

New Release of ComponentOne Excel Viewer

The ComponentOne Excel Viewer 5.0 release has arrived! We’ve created a new appearance and added some valuable features. Both will help you to view your Excel files easily and smoothly.

HTML5 Everywhere : Part 1 Wijmo from scratch

HTML5 is really everywhere, isn’t it? Welcome to my new multipart blog on HTML5 development. Did you ever wonder why every session at a code camp on HTML5/JavaScript/jQuery is packed ? I did, until I sat in on Josh Broton’s session at the Iowa Code Camp last year. He made it clear thru surveys and poll data, you will loose business if your site does not have a responsive web design. You could stand to loose a staggering 60% of your sales if your site is not responsive to mobile devices, tables, laptops, desktops and everything in between. Think about it…. I am sitting on my couch and need to look something up on the internet. My laptop in ten feet away, but instead of getting up and going to my laptop, I pull my Phone 8 out of my pocket and look it up on that device. The site better run good on my phone or I am off to another site, perhaps a competitor. Is your head nodding? Many nod in my seminars, I can tell you that much.