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ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Release Delivers Controls for Flexible & Modern .NET Development

A Collection of Tools for Developing High Performance and Richly Designed Apps in Every Platform

What's New in XAML 2014 v3

The third update of 2014 focuses on performance, data analysis and the latest platform for building Windows apps. This update marks the first official release of Universal Windows app support in Studio for WinRT XAML. You'll also enjoy performance enhancements in FlexGrid for WinRT, as well as some useful enhancements for our mapping controls. If you use SQL Server Reporting Services to host your reports then you'll want to try our Beta SSRS Viewer control in WinRT. But perhaps the greatest addition in this release is the highly anticipated OLAP for WPF. For years we've provided a suite of WinForms and Silverlight controls for creating OLAP applications and now the controls arrive for the WPF platform. For more details on everything new continue reading.

Best of XAML Development Resources for 2014 v2

Our subscription cycle is structured to deliver new technology three times a year, but we also strive to make sure we are giving you the resources you need to understand these updates and our products in general. We released our 2014 v2 update last July and want to give you the best of these resources in one convenient place. You will find links to blogs, videos, and samples below. Feel free to comment and let us know if there is anything else you would like to see.

Offline Mapping with C1Maps

The C1Maps control adds data binding and vector graphics support to Microsoft® Bing Maps, as well as support for rendering geographic KML files. C1Maps can also be easily customized to display maps from other sources such as OpenStreetMap. In the latest version of C1Maps for WinRT, we’ve made it possible to display offline maps for connection-less apps and on-the-go users.

ComponentOne Announces a Single Control Set for Building Universal Apps that Share Code and XAML

PITTSBURGH, PA – August 14, 2014 – ComponentOne a division of GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem has released an update to its control suite, Studio for WinRT XAML. The 2014 v2.5 release of Studio for WinRT XAML provides developers the opportunity to build Universal Windows apps with a single set of controls.

Building Universal Windows Apps with ComponentOne

Universal Windows apps allow you to develop once for all Windows devices. Using the Universal Windows App template in Visual Studio, you can easily share code and XAML across your Windows Store and Windows Phone apps. I'm excited to announce that the 2014 v2.5 update of Studio for WinRT XAML includes a beta version of our Windows Phone 8.1 controls, so you can now build any type of Windows app with one set of controls.

Creating Custom Appointment Labels

In my previous blog post I discussed appointment data binding for ComponentOne Scheduler for WinRT XAML. With C1Scheduler, there are several data storage collections that you can customize such as labels and availability statuses. The data binding techniques used for appointments can also be used for other collections. In this post I will show how you can customize the appointment labels by binding to a custom collection.

Scheduler Data Storage Scenarios

With ComponentOne Scheduler for WinRT XAML you can build a scheduling app in record time. The control handles the entire appointment creation and editing process, so all you have to do is handle the back end. At some point your schedule will need to store appointments to be accessed later. The C1Scheduler control has a few useful features that help in this area. In this blog post we will look at two different local data storage scenarios. This post also includes instructions on data binding which you may find useful on its own.

What's New in XAML 2014 v2

The second update of 2014 adds a major new scheduling library to Studio for WinRT XAML, as well as several major improvements to other controls. With C1Maps you can now take your Windows Store maps offline. The Entity Framework folks will be pleased to know that C1DataSource now supports the latest EF 6.x. For WPF and Silverlight, you'll find improvements for touch input with C1PdfViewer and the new C1RadialMenu control. Highlighted details below.

Calendar Data Binding Simplified

In the 2014 v1 release, we’ve improved the data binding capabilities of the C1Calendar control for WinRT and Windows Phone. Now it’s never been easier to take a list of business objects and visualize them on a calendar. In this post I will show you the simple steps to take advantage of this improvement.

Creating Bound Markers and Labels

The ComponentOne Chart control for WPF and WinRT XAML has special support for displaying bound and interactive markers and labels. There is no single approach to creating or displaying markers in a chart, so our strategy is to provide an extensible object model for the C1Chart control to help you create the exact setup you need.

Export Your UI to PDF

With a comprehensive PDF library like C1Pdf you can do many things. You can use the .NET version on a server to generate a custom report for any client. You can use it to print data from any UI control, say a datagrid or scheduler, as PDF. You can even save your entire UI as a PDF. In this blog post I will show you the necessary code to export your UI to PDF in any XAML-based platform.

Universal Windows App Road Map

At Build Microsoft announced a new XAML platform for building universal apps that target both the Windows Store and Windows Phone. You can download this platform as part of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC.

HowTo: Copy & Paste Multiline text within C1FlexGrid

Here in this blog, let's discuss how to copy and paste  multiline text within C1FlexGrid. In order to enable copying text with new line character and pasting it as it is in another cell you would need to handle the clipboard functionality manually.

Chart Grouping and Aggregation

The C1Chart control supports built-in grouping and aggregation. This allows you to display summarized data in a chart without the extra work of grouping the data yourself. In this blog post I’ll show you two ways you can take advantage of the built-in grouping and aggregation features found in ComponentOne Chart for WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and WinRT XAML.

What's New in XAML 2014 v1

This first release of 2014 adds powerful new features to Chart, FlexGrid, Calendar, RadialMenu, and Maps, and we've added accessibility features across the whole studio. Let me take you through each major new item.

How to Change the Color Palette

The ComponentOne Chart control for XAML includes 22 pre-defined color palettes. These palettes are the color scheme used for styling the plot elements. To choose one you just set the Palette property on the C1Chart control. Here's a graphic showing the 22 palettes by name.

Map Visualizations…without Maps!

Did you know that you can create a flashy data visualization on a map without needing a real mapping control?

Creating a Range Bar Temperature Chart for the Windows Store

Temperature graphs, as seen in the Bing Weather app for Windows, are a variation of a High-Low or a Gantt chart sometimes called a range bar chart. Each plot point has two Y values, a high and a low. In this blog post I discuss how you can create this type of chart using ComponentOne Chart for WinRT XAML.