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Display a PDF in C1Book – WinRT

A couple years ago I wrote this sample that shows how to use C1PdfViewer and C1Book together to display a PDF file like an interactive book. Now that we have C1Book and C1PdfViewer available in WinRT XAML, it’s time to update the sample.

The Making of WorkSpace Part 3: Using C1RadialMenu

In this blog post series I’m discussing the making of the ComponentOne WorkSpace app for Windows 8. This third post in the series can also be used as a getting started guide to the new C1RadialMenu control.

The Making of WorkSpace Part 2: Opening and Saving Files

In this blog post series i'm discussing the making of the ComponentOne WorkSpace app for Windows 8. I'm focusing on four key areas that may help you build your own Windows Store apps.

What's New in XAML 2013 v2

There is so much to cover in the 2013 v2 release of Studio for WPF, Silverlight, WinRT XAML and Windows Phone. You can now download this update from the web site. If you're interested in more than one studio, I recommend installing Studio Enterprise. The web installer lets you select which studios you wish to download and install. In this post I highlight 12 of the coolest new features and controls.

The Making of WorkSpace Part 1: The ViewModel

A few weeks ago we released the ComponentOne WorkSpace app and it’s been quite a success with over 100 downloads per day and great user feedback. It’s a first generation spreadsheet and rich text editor all-in-one. Oh, and it also opens PDF files too just for fun.

WinRT: Make Non-Asynchronous Code Asynchronous

If you’ve been working with WinRT and building Windows Store apps, then you probably have come across the await and async keywords. These .NET 4.5 keywords allow you to consume WinRT asynchronous operations.

ComponentOne Sponsors Tampa Hackathon this Saturday : Make $$ using C1 controls

Come get your code on at TampaDev quarterly hackathon, you can register at http://www.meetup.com/tampadev and join us at the Tampa Bay Wave facility in downtown (400 N. Ashley Drive, 2nd Floor, Tampa, FL ) on June 15, 2013. Gold sponsors include ComponentOne.

How to Deploy a Windows Store App to Another Device

In the old days of Windows you could just take the executable of your app and copy it onto another machine and run it. With Windows Store apps the process is more complicated, but Microsoft has made it as simple as they can. You can build an app package and then copy and install this onto another Windows 8 or Windows RT device.

ComponentOne sponsors Day of .NET in Appleton Wi : recap

I got to tell you, the folks in that neck of the woods in Fox Valley, have a heart of gold. I witnessed a very strong and vibrant developer community while I was there. It was great to catch up with Clark Sell, Microsoft DE and he shared his plans for the must attend ‘That Conference’ later in August. I sat in on some Windows 8 sessions. I did a session on “Building a Windows 8 App from Scratch” and I showed off some of the tools in Studio for WinRT XAML. Hat’s off to  Keith Burnell, Greg Levenhagen and all the other organizers and volunteers of the event. It is a well oiled machine with great content and great speakers.

ComponentOne to sponsor Largest Windows Phone UG meeting in the world : Millionaire shares app success!

Yes. you heard it hear first on the RussCam Blog , the Tampa Windows Phone User Group (WPUG) now with a new twitter account - @WPUGTampa  , is nearly sold out with a room capacity at 100!!!!!!.  Get ready for a special meeting with James Vertisan. We currently have  just 6 spots left for a sell out! Register at: Http://www.wp7ug.com . The meeting will be held tomorrow night, Tuesday, at the Tampa Microsoft Office, May 21 from 6-9pm . James was one of the core members of the original WPUG Tampa and was part of our huge show and tell meeting on 7/26/11. James is now a Millionaire and is going to share his success and tips. James has the top selling app for the phone, and if you love Golf, check out his apps on the Executive Caddie site. We have several give a ways, including from ComponentOne,  C1 Ultimate, from James: 2 Microsoft Surfaces, Several Windows Phones and from Nokia, via Bill Reiss, Southeast Nokia Ambassador….

ComponentOne sponsors Costa Rica SQL Saturday #189 : Recap

It was an incredible weekend with close to 300 attendees for the second annual SQL Saturday/Code Camp in beautiful Costa Rica. Plenty of great sessions and great speakers were on hand from all over. In fact, I  interviewed a good number of presenters from the US as well as Costa Rica. The SQL Saturday engine is a strong one I am finding, with many presenters traveling the circuit. I presented a session on building a Windows 8 app from scratch and showed the ComponentOne Tools, Studio for WinRT/XAML. The speaker dinner was sensational with a view like I have never seen before, way up high on a mountain looking down on San Jose. Hats off to Eduardo Castro and crew for flawless execution at this event! I love Costa Rica!

Spread WinRT Released!

I am happy to announce the release of Spread WinRT!

ComponentOne RussCam Episode 91 - Desert Code Camp Part 2

Russ brings you more from Desert Code Camp! Event organizer and President of INETA North America, Joseph Guadagno and Southeast Valley .NET UG, talks about how he became involved with the code camp. He started organizing Desert Code Camp over 5 ½ years ago and it keeps getting bigger and better every year. In fact, it has grown from 250 once a year to 700-800 twice a year. The venue is Chandler-Gilbert Community College with 12 tracks, 103 sessions And 80 different presenters with 25 volunteers. Short story, this is some undertaking and a lot of work for the incredible community event! He brings us up to date on the INETA happenings, with a new INETA website makeover and marketing push for the INETA Speakers program. Then, Scott Cate talks about his work with Event Day where they send attendees a QR code and when scanned can print an event name label. We chat about a session I saw him present at TechEd on Keyboard shortcuts, and was an inspiration for my Windows 8 Shortcuts Phone app and the many other ones I have including VS shortcuts. Watch to the end to see some great photos from the event. This episode is brought to you by ComponentOne Windows 8 Studios.

ComponentOne Sponsors 2013 Day of .Net by Fox Valley .NET User Group

I am packing my bags and headed to the airport for an incredible developer event up in Menasha, Wisconsin, 2013 Day of .NET . This is the furthest north RussCam has been (35 miles south of Green Bay) and I look forward to retuning to a real party town, Appleton. In fact, my battery wore out last year checking in on foursquare to all of the great establishments in that neck of the woods hanging out with a few of the attendees. It was the only time I have reached #2 on the check in list. The conference is an incredible one with lots of great speakers and content (see schedule below) and I am speaking on ‘Building a Windows 8 App from Scratch’  and a sneak peak at our Studio for WinRT XAML.  Here are the RussCam episodes from last year and photos.

ComponentOne sponsors Code PaLOUsa this weekend!

After this weekend this, Louisville will never be the same as RussCamTV heads to Kentucky for this great event. I have heard so many good things about this conference and am looking forward to attending and speaking at this event. I am doing a session on Building a Windows 8 App from scratch with a sneak peak at some of the C1 Windows 8 WinRT XAML controls. For those new to Windows 8 Store app development, this is a killer session that you will enjoy. I have never been to Louisville before, so this will be another RussCam first! I am hoping to visit the Louisville Slugger factory at some point as well. I held those bats as a youngster in little league, as many have,  and high school ball (that was before aluminum bats). I wonder if they are still celebrating the Men’s NCAA tournament championship?

App-to-App Sharing with C1RichTextBox

App-to-app sharing is a key feature of the Windows 8 user experience. The Share charm provides a means for Windows Store apps to share content with one another. For example, a news reader app can share a popular article, or a photo app can share an image. Sharing is a two part process where one app declares itself as a share source and another as the target. The brilliant thing is that neither app needs to know anything about the other. Every app that participates in the sharing contract can be confident that the sharing workflow is completely supported, end-to-end, by Windows.

ComponentOne sponsors Costa Rica SQL Saturday / Code Camp this weekend!

It is great to go back to Costa Rica again this year as a sponsor for SQL Saturday 189! Last year GrapeCity sponsored and now, ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity, will continue in sponsoring this unprecedented community event. Out of the gate last year they had to turn people away, as they hit the unbelievable 300 technical folks cap. Wow! I am presenting this year on Building a Windows 8 App From Scratch (English) and showing some of the Studio for WinRT XAML Controls. Here is the line up for sessions, and photos from last year and the Russcam episodes. My favorite is Part 3, where we take a trip to Jaco Beach with some incredible footage of crocodiles, road side fresh fruit stands, and a sunset like I have never seen. Such a beautiful country! I am packing now.

New Release of ComponentOne Excel Viewer

The ComponentOne Excel Viewer 5.0 release has arrived! We’ve created a new appearance and added some valuable features. Both will help you to view your Excel files easily and smoothly.