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How to Remove the Nag Screen from your Silverlight and Windows Store Projects

ComponentOne Studios for Silverlight and WinRT XAML are unique in that they use a different licensing mechanism than all other ComponentOne .NET Studios as described here. They’re different because there is no standard licenses.licx file if you’re building Silverlight or Windows Store applications.

Customize Key Behavior in Spread

Processing keyboard behavior is common in application developing, generally we use KeyDown event, and add code in the event processor. Sometime we have to process some keys which are handled by control inside, as we know MS provide a way to monitor handled event by AddHandler method on WPF/Silverlight/WinRT platforms. Code may like this:

File Encryption using C1Zip

ComponentOne Zip for WinRT XAML (C1Zip) can extract and compress files into ZIP archives with support for encryption (passwords). This is significant because the standard ZipArchive class does not support encryption. If you are trying to open an existing archive that is encrypted, you can extract the files by setting the C1ZipFile.Password property after opening the stream to the file.

Orlando Code Camp with ComponentOne as Diamond Sponsor: Recap

OMG! This was an incredible event! I car pooled up to the code camp with Michael Stark… so it was the first year ever that I showed up on time for the Friday night speaker dinner . I have to remember to do that next year. I never allocate enough time to get up to Lake Mary as it is just 40 miles from Daytona and you need to figure in rush hour traffic going thru Orlando coming up from the Tampa area, as many of the speakers encountered. I forgot to pack several items including my CPAP machine, my MiFi  and my underwear (for the record, I purchased underwear up there). How I could forget these particular items is beyond me! Fiscal year end activities in March at ComponentOne have had me so swamped, that I guess I did not have my thinking cap on when I packed for the trip.

ComponentOne ClearStyle Technology White Paper

The main goal of ComponentOne ClearStyle™ technology is to allow developers to make simple visual appearance changes without having to deal with Microsoft Expression Blend, Styles and Templates.

ComponentOne Excel Viewer for Windows 8 and WinRT

To all my fellow Excel users who have dreamed of a new productivity app, it is now a reality. At the end of last week we released ComponentOne Excel Viewer to the Windows Store, you can download it now. It is a free app to help you to view Excel files on your Windows 8 and WinRT devices. Besides being able to view Excel files, you can also operate it by selecting a range of cells, scrolling and even some editing.  Since the changes will not be saved back to the Excel file, we also built in some other functions via the AppBar, like copy/paste, undo/redo and filter/sort to help you view the document. The Excel Viewer app provides friendly touch support so you may easily operate and manipulate items by using your finger or stylus on touch-enabled devices.

WinRT XAML (Part 4) Calendar

Script 4: Calendar in Studio for WinRT XAML