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C1 RussCamTV Episode 85: TechEd Part 11

RussCam has even more interviews from TechEd! First, Bayer White talks about his upcoming projects, including a new book! Plus, find out how .NET Gurus Can Cook saved his marriage! Then, Microsoft Developer Evangelist Rachel Appel talks to us about the excitement with Windows 8 apps!

Using the Windows 8 Search Charm with C1CollectionView and C1FlexGrid

With the C1CollectionView class you can filter your data collection in an easy and familiar fashion. C1CollectionView is a more powerful implementation of the ICollectionView interface that includes support for sorting, filtering and grouping. If you come from WPF or Silverlight and are used to working with CollectionView, then you will love C1CollectionView for WinRT.

Printing with PdfViewer for WinRT

After loading a PDF with the C1PdfViewer control, you can obtain a list of its pages as FrameworkElements to customize how the user views each page. Just call the GetPages method. This enables a lot more flexibility in working with existing PDF documents. One example is you can send the page images to a printing-enabled device on Windows 8.

ComponentOne Sponsors Party with Palermo and First Time MVP parties at 2013 MVP Summit!

ComponentOne is proud to be a major sponsor at two events to kickoff the 2013 MVP summit on Feb 17, 2013. If you are an MVP attending the event, make sure you visit our booth for lots of goodies!

WinRT: Static Local Storage Settings

Application settings are useful for quickly storing some value for later runs of the application. A great example of this is storing the last selected item id so that the next time the user runs the app we can start by loading the last viewed item. Another scenario is for searching when our application is in a closed state. Our search code may require a selected item. Using application settings enables us to quickly store anything we need between runs of our application.

Extending GridView with Drag and Drop for Grouping and Variable Sized Items

The GridView is a great control that can be used in many different ways to display tiled content in your Windows Store apps. If you’ve looked at any WinRT applications lately, or even Microsoft Partner websites, you’ll recognize the popularity of tiles when it comes to UI design in the Windows World. Tiles provide a simple, sleek way to organize a list of items or navigation areas of your application. Perhaps the greatest example of tiled content is the Windows 8 start screen itself. It displays each of your apps in a sizable tile that can be rearranged and grouped to the users’ desire.

ComponentOne is Platinum Sponsor for Florida’s largest, South Florida Code Camp!

ComponentOne is proud to be a platinum sponsor on what looks like an incredible conference next weekend on Feb 9 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

30 lines code make a calculator by Spread

Can 30 lines of code make a calculator? Yes, because we have Spread.

ComponentOne to Sponsor Southern Most User Group (SMUG)

ComponentOne is proud to be a Platinum sponsor on what looks like an incredible conference this coming week on Feb 6-7 in Key West, FL.

Major update of Studio for WinRT XAML

ComponentOne has released a major update of Studio for WinRT XAML and it is loaded with new enhancements! Highlights of this update include:

Studio for WinRT XAML January Update

Today we have released a major update of Studio for WinRT XAML! Highlights of this update include:

Spread WinRT for Windows Store Apps Released!!!

I am happy to announce the release of Spread WinRT, the fastest and easiest way to deploy powerful spreadsheets in your Windows Store apps! If you have Windows 8, you can download the control explorer demo application from the Windows Store now.  Here is a snapshot of Spread WinRT in action:

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2012 v3 is shipping now!

A few weeks ago we shared with you the introduction of two new Studio suites, Studio for WinRT XAML and Studio for WinJS. Now we have even more exciting news, these new Studio’s are now part of the Studio Enterprise family of products. Studio Enterprise has been enhanced and its line-up includes:

Design Tips for Creating Modern Style Charts in XAML

Designing a chart for a Modern UI-style application should be one of the easiest tasks in a developer’s lifetime. The Modern UI (formerly Metro) style that you know has very simple and minimalistic qualities to it. Some of those qualities include:

Adding Gesture-based Interaction to WinRT Chart

With the new C1Chart for WinRT XAML you can enhance the end-user experience by allowing users to zoom (scale) and scroll (translate) the chart along its axes using gestures. You can customize the actions by specifying which manipulation modes should be used in conjunction with which gestures.