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What's New in XAML 2013 v2

There is so much to cover in the 2013 v2 release of Studio for WPF, Silverlight, WinRT XAML and Windows Phone. You can now download this update from the web site. If you're interested in more than one studio, I recommend installing Studio Enterprise. The web installer lets you select which studios you wish to download and install. In this post I highlight 12 of the coolest new features and controls.

Binding WPF C1DataGrid to XML File

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides developers with a vast amount of data binding functionality. However, one area where the data binding falls short is with the XmlDataProvider. XmlDataProvider Class enables declarative access to XML data for data binding. With an XmlDataProvider, the underlying data that can be accessed through data binding in your application can be any tree of XML nodes. In other words, an XmlDataProvider provides a convenient way to use any tree of XML nodes as a binding source.

How To: Select Multiple PlotElements using Mouse in WPF Chart

Chart control being frequently used for data analysis always left a void for customization in Winforms version. However, with WPF, this void has been filled.

Customizations in C1NumericBox for Silverlight

The C1NumericBox control is a numeric editor, provided with ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight suite, that allows you to display and edit numeric values in many formats. At times, we need to make a few modifications to the control to suit our needs. And I've provided a couple of such implementations here.

Export WPF Chart to PDF in Console Application

We often receive queries from customers who are looking to use the WPF C1Chart control in a Console Application. They want to know how a Chart object can be implemented, customized and finally a PDF file can be generated with the Chart Image.

SparkLines in Spread for Silverlight/WPF

We all want to have some graphical representation of our data in SpreadSheet. We usually do it using Charts in our Sheets. Unfortunately Charts are currently not available with Spread for Silverlight/WPF. However Spread provides an alternative for this; we can use SparkLines. You can show Sparkline within a cell which makes this feature more interesting.There are three types of Sparklines you can show in a cell.

Undo Feature for Adding/Removing Rows in Spread for Silverlight

Spread for Silverlight provides the functionality where users can undo their last operation using Ctrl+Z. However, one of the Spread users suggested that spread should also offer the option to undo the operation of adding and removing rows. This prompted me to come up with this blog.

CommandBinding in Wpf C1DataGrid

While developing applications in Wpf, sometimes we follow the MVVM pattern and come across the requirement to bind commands. We'll discuss the same in this blog. And for demo purpose, I've implemented command binding in Wpf C1DataGrid. Our motive is to enable row selection using MVVM.

Load Images in C1DataGrid for Silverlight using WCF

More often than not, users have a requirement to display images in Silverlight applications. Here, we discuss the same using C1DataGrid for Silverlight.

Exporting WPF Flexgrid to PDF

C1Flexgrid for WPF provides lot of flexibility in terms of exporting the data to various formats. In this blog, we look at the approach to export the grid data to PDF Format.

Offline Mapping with C1Maps for WPF

C1Maps(or any other mapping tool) uses the Internet to pull tiles from different urls. Map components are basically viewers and you can use them with any tile source. So, what if the computer running a Map app is not connected to the web? Obviously the map control won't load tiles in this case.

Spell-checking in WPF

The C1SpellChecker component provides easy and efficient spell-checking for your WPF applications. It has built-in dialogs, similar to Microsoft Word spell-checking, that allow users to ignore, change words and even add them to a custom user dictionary.

Dynamic Conditional Formatting in C1FlexGrid WPF

C1FlexGrid is a very flexible tool in terms of data representation. It provides a fantastic utility called CellFactory which can take data representation to a whole new level. This class lets you customize the grid at the cell level and hence can be very expedient in accomplishing certain scenarios. You may go through the documentation of the CellFactory class to know more about it.

Group Legend Elements in C1Chart WPF

Grouping is one of the features which definitely makes data more readable/presentable to end users and also helps in quick analysis in some scenarios.

Stealth Paging with C1Flexgrid WPF

Paging is a common term when it comes to handling a large volume of data. It allows a developer to show only a fixed set of rows at a time and pull the next set of rows on demand, thereby improving the overall user experience.

Deferred Scrolling in C1FlexGrid WPF

In C1Flexgrid for WPF control or any other grid control, by default, when the user drags the thumb on a scrollbar, the content view gets scrolled simultaneously. However, when the grid contains a large number of rows, scrolling becomes a bit slow. The default behavior of C1FlexGrid is "live" scrolling, where the user is able to see the contents of the grid move while dragging the thumb of a scroll bar. However, this "live" scrolling requires a relatively large amount of processing, which in some cases may cause the UI to feel sluggish. For such situations, C1Flexgrid provides us with an option to use deferred scrolling. Deferred scrolling is an alternative scrolling behavior where the contents of the grid remain static until the user releases the mouse button (similar to the behavior of the Outlook 2007 Inbox). The content is updated only when the user releases the thumb.

Conditional Formatting with Spread WPF-Silverlight

Conditional Formatting in Spread is already supported in the Windows and Web versions. With Spread WPF-Silverlight, this feature has been enhanced to match the level of Excel 2013. You can now set icons, bars, background, foreground, color gradient, etc. within a cell for certain conditions which is really cool for data visualization. Spread WorkSheet's ConditionalFormats property allows you to set a conditional formatting rule for a particular CellRange. The example below sets an Icon Rule for a cell range:

Spread WPF-Silverlight Released!

I am happy to announce the release of Spread WPF-Silverlight!

Financial Data Displays using FlexGrid

One of the more popular demos we have for C1FlexGrid control is the financial demo shown below. It shows a simulated live data feed of stock quotes for over 3,000 companies all in one flashy grid. Aside from the FlexGrid control being used, there are two other interesting aspects to this sample that may be useful for building other financial types of applications. One is the updating mechanism which can trigger numerous updates less than a second apart, and the second aspect is the spark line controls that show brief trends in price history. In this blog post I break down the sample and describe how these aspects work.

Using LINQ to SQL Classes with WPF Flexgrid and MVVM

Using LINQ, along with an SQL Database, can make binding the Flexgrid to your data extremely painless.  In this instance, I will use my local SQL “cars” database (SQLExpress) and I will be working with strictly one table which is named carModels, shown here.