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The ComponentOne Roadmap to 2012

Throughout 2012 Microsoft will be making stepwise releases of Windows 8 and Visual Studio 11 starting with a public Consumer Preview released on February 29th. With Microsoft’s new platform, application developers will have more options and more capabilities than ever before.  But professional developers won’t be the only ones to benefit from these new tools. Microsoft has really extended its reach to include non-professional application developers with Visual Studio LightSwitch, to commercial App developers with a new Metro UI Shell and App Marketplace - and to non-traditional “Microsoft” developers with first-class citizen-support for jQuery, CSS, and HTML.

Loading Rdl Reports in C1WpfReportViewer

ReportViewer for WPF can only display HTML and PDF-based reports. If we want to display RDL reports in it there is no directly available method.

Saving C1DataGrid for WPF as PDF

Below I have provided a way to save the contents from a C1DataGrid to PDF using the Windows Forms version of C1PdfDocument (C1.C1Pdf.4.dll).

What's New in XAML 2012 v1

I am pleased to announce the ComponentOne 2012 v1 release is here. XAML is a large focus this release from new controls and themes to our partnership with Esri bringing you world class mapping tools. Let me run-down many of the key new features in Studio for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone.

Exporting C1Chart to an Excel File

Exporting of ComponentOne Chart for WPF to an image and pdf file is explained in the documentation.

Displaying Connecting Lines in TreeView (SL & WPF)

The ability to show connecting lines between parent-child node is pretty useful and definitely gives a better representation in case of large data. TreeView controls over some platforms  have ShowLines property which user can set to see the connecting lines automatically.

Using Our Barcode Controls in WPF Apps

Like any WinForms control, C1Barcode for WinForms can be used within a WPF project. C1Barcode supports over 10 linear and 2D encoding types (QRCode) and can add barcode displays to any of your WinForms or WPF applications. For using the control in WPF you have a couple different options available to you.

ComponentOne and CodedUI: Tips and Tricks Part-II

As the title would suggest, this is the second part of the last post I started on CodedUI tests and ComponentOne controls.

Setting BackGround & ForeGround of WPF FlexGrid rows with CellTemplate

Usage of a TextBlock is quite common in CellTemplates of  Columns in a C1Flexgrid for WPF.  There might a requirement of changing BackGround/ForeGround of C1FlexGrid rows on some event, say MouseHover.

Draggable Pointer in C1LinearGauge

C1Gauge (SL and WPF) provides pointers to display values in a range. You may want to change the value by dragging the pointer to a specified value, just like a simple slider control behaves.

Binding Non-Boolean Properties to DataGridCheckBoxColumn

Can we bind a non-boolen property to DataGridCheckBoxColumn in C1DataGrid?

Charting with Multiple Plot Areas

Stacking plot areas within a chart can be a useful way to better analyze the data points. Rather than having many data series overlapped you can increase readability by moving some series to an adjacent plot area. This can all be achieved using the advanced capabilities of the ComponentOne Chart for XAML.

Using a Custom CellFactory in MVVM Scenarios

The scenario is simple: a user wants to customize the way the FlexGrid displays information based on its state. For instance, when a row is collapsed it should display as one style, and when it’s expanded it should display as another style. How can you achieve this type of logic in the XAML world while still obeying the laws of MVVM? The answer is very simple: use a Cell Factory.

Extending Time Functions in C1Report

VbScript does not support native arithmetic operations like Sum/Difference on Time /DateTime objects. This makes a situation a bit complex when applying direct VbScript functions (SUM/DIFF) on fields of type Time/DateTime in C1Report.

View PDF files within WinForms applications

This blog discusses method to view pdf files in Winform application that can be done by porting currently available WPF C1PDFViewer into Winform.

Showing Master Detail data with C1Chart for WPF

There are situations when we need the chart to act as a drilldown data chart. For example, when we click  on a data-point we need to show some more underlying data, associated with that point.

ComponentOne Licensing

The Licensing process of our ComponentOne controls is fairly simple. The application should have a licenses.licx file containing the licensing information and the license key should be activated on the machine.

Custom PrintDialog in WPF C1DocumentViewer

When document with landscape layout is printed on a physical printer using the C1DocumentViewer, it is always printed as portrait. The orientation can only be changed manually when user selects the print orientation as Landscape in the printdialog. The issue is mainly because of the inherent MS DocumentViewer and there  aren't a lot of options to customize the default printdialog that pops up when print button is clicked. However, no issue is observed while printing on XPS printer.

Transposed FlexGrid (WPF & Silverlight)

There are times when user wants to see data as transposed i.e vertical rows and horizontal columns in grid. The simplest way to do this is use the DataTable object as the ItemsSource and transpose the data itself there.