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Highlight Repeated Records in C1Report

C1Report is the data-based banded report in which the Detail Section is rendered for each record in the data-source. Since, the rendering of the Detail Section takes place exclusively for each record, it is difficult to have the following implementations:

Animated Gauges for XAML

ComponentOne Gauges offer an interesting way to visualize your data. The C1Gauge libraries for Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone and WinRT are all identical so I will refer to them as a whole as Gauges for XAML. While the gauges do not have built-in animation features, they do support standard XAML animation techniques. This blog post describes a common scenario and shows how you can apply an animation to the gauge pointer upon value change.

Using ActiveReports 7 with WPF

ActiveReports 7 is natively not supported in the WPF environment. However it can be hosted in WPF with the help of WPF's WindowsFormsHost control which allows you to host a Windows Forms control inside WPF applications. You just need to host the ActiveReports 7 Viewer control (which is responsible for rendering the report) using the WindowsFormHost control and you can view ActiveReports 7 reports  in WPF .

Styling C1Chart PlotElements: The MVVM Way

MVVM architecture is quite popular among developer community and is heavily used these days. MVVM in Silverlight/WPF unlike its other Data Model counterparts, follows a simple fundamental of Code-Free Views.  Even though there are lot of conceptual features associated with MVVM,  the term Code-Free Views best fits to tell what MVVM is all about. It specifically addresses the power of data-binding and allows for a clean separation between presentation and business logic.

How To : Toggle Visibility of Subreports Using C1ReportDesigner

A SubReport is a report that is inserted in another report. Subreports are useful when you want to combine several reports into one. In C1Report, creating a Subreport is very simple. To know, how to create Subreports, you can read this Documentation link.

Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 - Is Your XAML Ready?

For the past several months we’ve been busy talking about Windows 8 and testing our controls in Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5. Without Visual Studio and without Microsoft there is no ComponentOne, so it’s as important to us as it is to our customers, to have a product that supports the new while still supporting the old. XAML lives on as you can continue your WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone development with VS2012. Windows 8 also introduces a new breed of XAML, known as WinRT, for C# and VB developers to write Modern-UI apps for the Windows Store.

Spread WPF and Spread Silverlight Released!

Spread WPF and Spread Silverlight version is now released! Enhancements in this version include:

HowTo : Implement Keyboard Shortcuts for C1Chart

C1Chart for WPF offers powerful rendering, rich styling elements, animations, and data-binding capabilities. This control also has built-in functions that simplify the implementation of interactive behaviors for the end user. The end user can explore, rotate and zoom chart using Mouse and Shift key combinations.

Toggle DockState for C1DockTabControl in WPF

Occasionally, our customers ask if the DockState of the C1DockControl can be toggled by double clicking on the control. Answer to this question is Yes.  The dock state for the C1DockControl can be toggled on the C1DockControl's MouseDoubleClick event. However, in this scenario the toggling will take place every time the mouse is double-clicked anywhere in the control.

Sorting Unbound C1Flexgrid for WPF

Sorting is one of the most common requirements in all grid controls, irrespective of their platforms (ActiveX, WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, SilverLight). When the grid is bound, sorting is done automatically when user clicks on column header. The reason is the underlying data source handles it. However, in case of an unbound grid, sorting is not possible as there is no datasource to handle this operation.

Check Out What’s New in 2012v2!

It’s that wonderful time of year again!  We are proud to announce that you can now download our new 2012v2 release.  There are a lot of enhancements and features in this release, and I’d love to take a few minutes to chat about some of the top features you might like to know about.

Display PopUp for Collapsed State Content in C1OutlookBar

When MS OutlookBar is in collapsed state, it shows the content of the selected item in a popup window. However, C1OutlookBar for Silverlight does not mimic this feature; perhaps it will be added in some future version.

Merge Multiple C1Reports in WPF and WinForms

C1Report offers the flexibility to create and save multiple reports in just one Report Definition File (.xml). However, only one report can be previewed at a time. Now there have been scenarios where customers wanted to merge these multiple reports (either from same or different report definition file(s)) and preview them as one document.

Binding TimeSpan Property in DataGrid (WPF & SL)

If you have a TimeSpan property exposed on your class and if you bind C1DataGrid to the collection of that class objects, the auto-generated TimeSpan column won't be editable. Using a DataGridDateTimeColumn will not fix the issue because the type of objects that DataGridDateTimeColumn expects(DateTime)  is a bit different from TimeSpan.

SL Flexgrid : Modified Clipboard Operations for Hidden Columns

C1Flexgrid for Silverlight provides clipboard support and handles copy/paste operations on its own. However, if a CellRange is selected that includes hidden row/column, then the data from that hidden row/column gets copied and, consequently, pasted to the grid itself or in the external editors.

FullTextSearch In C1DataGrid Bound To DataTable

C1DataGrid provides a very useful feature - FullTextSearch, which allows user to search all the columns at the same time. This functionality can be enabled by setting the attached 'FullTextSearchBehavior' property. Now this feature works fine when binding to a native collection because the functionality creates a custom collection view on the bound collection for enabling custom filters.

ComponentOne Studio Installation on VS2010 Express

Many customers face problems while running our ComponentOne Studio installers on VS2010 Express. When the installer is launched, a message is shown that you need to Install Visual Studio 2010 and the .Net 4.0 framework.

Stacked Charts In C1Reports

The various types of Charts that can be displayed in C1Reports are Bar, Column, Scatter, Line, Area and Pie. However, 'Stacking' in Bar Charts is not yet provided by the Chart Custom Field.

ColumnPicker in C1DataGrid

The ColumnPicker functionality is helpful in toggling the visibility of columns at runtime. This blog gives a very simple code to add this in C1DataGrid.

Silent Installation of ComponentOne Installers

Many customers have asked us whether there is any way to silently install C1 installer on a computer. When we normally run C1 installer it requires local administrator rights and asks permission to make an entry to the registry.