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Get Xamarin Controls for Visual Studio with Xuni

When we first heard that Microsoft had acquired Xamarin, it was the biggest news story to impact us in the last year. We had an idea what it might entail, but it wasn’t until Build 2016 that our preconceived notions were realized: that the Xamarin Platform would become free with Visual Studio. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that Xamarin was even included with the community edition. This makes Xamarin a key integral part of Visual Studio moving forward as more and more enterprises go mobile.

Xamarin is Free for Everyone - And We Have Controls!

Today at BUILD, Microsoft announced exciting news for all .NET developers: Xamarin is now included in all versions of Visual Studio (including the free Community Edition). GrapeCity features Xuni, a collection of native mobile controls that include Xamarin Platform, and you can get it with a license for Ultimate.