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FlexGrid Performance: Compare WinForms, WPF, UWP Performance

Since WPF's first release, people keep discussing whether its performance is comparable with WinForms, or whether this platform will eventually die. Now we're seeing the same questions about UWP. Let's try to answer with actual data about our FlexGrid performance.

UWP FlexGrid Performance Review: Our Methodology and Results

We released our first UWP Beta in 2015. Since then, Microsoft has released several platform updates and we also made a lot of changes on our side to make our controls fast and stable. UWP FlexGrid performance has improved a lot from the first versions. Now I'd like to share the FlexGrid benchmark application that we use internally. It's similar to what we did for WPF but doesn't include any competitors.

WPF DataGrid Performance Comparison: Our Methodology and Results

It's about 10 years since the first official release of WPF. We started our XAML development almost at the same time. Even with such a long history, we're still trying to improve: have we really succeeded in creating fast, flexible controls? I wasn't able to find any good WPF datagrid performance comparison out there, only a few old discussions about now-defunct controls. This benchmark is an attempt to review our strong and weak points comparing with different data grids on the market in several key use cases.

Webinar Feb 10! How to Migrate MVVM XAML Applications to HTML5

Learn to port desktop applications to HTML5 from an experienced web developer. We'll help you minimize the cost of learning new paradigms when you're migrating from MVVM, .NET and XAML to web.

How to Create a Simple Xamarin.Forms Weather Application Using Xuni

Not too long ago, we introduced the native versions of Xuni with a pair of webinars that demonstrated using Xuni to create a simple weather application. Though we've covered creating this weather app natively on both iOS and Android, we haven't covered building the app (or using a web service) with Xamarin.Forms. In this article we'll fill in that blank by building a simple weather application example.

Developing an Adaptive Layout in UWP and Windows 10

Developing a great adaptive layout has changed a bit for .NET developers since the launch of UWP and Windows 10. Let's look at best practices for creating a flexible, responsive app in XAML and UWP.

Spread WinRT and Selection Colors

You can change the selection colors and the selection theme in Spread WinRT. This allows you to draw more attention to selections or change the selection colors to match the application appearance.

Highlights of Visual Studio 2015

David Davis over at Software Development Times published a terrific blog featuring an in-depth review of Visual Studio 2015. My favorite highlights:

Migrating from XAML to HTML5 with Wijmo

Many companies are starting to move their applications from Silverlight to HTML5 in order to target mobile users, and to remove dependencies on legacy technologies like Silverlight and browser plugins in general.

Xuni Dashboard Demo for Tablet and Phone

Since the release of Xuni I’ve had a huge interest in using all of our controls together to create more advanced and adaptive interfaces for multiple mobile platforms. Xamarin.Forms gives us an environment for developing applications for new devices, and Xuni gives us the tools to make our interface visually interesting. In a previous blog post I outlined some general principles for going about dashboard design, and in this article I’ll spend some time going through a simple implementation.

Universal Windows App Road Map

At Build Microsoft announced a new XAML platform for building universal apps that target both the Windows Store and Windows Phone. You can download this platform as part of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC.

Map Visualizations…without Maps!

Did you know that you can create a flashy data visualization on a map without needing a real mapping control?

Russ Cam Episodes 101-107

Download the RussCam by ComponentOne Windows Phone app to watch all of these videos and have easy access to the RussCam Daily News, technical videos and more!  If you don't have a Windows Phone, see all the Russ Cam videos on the ComponentOne Russ Cam landing page.

Announcing Spread WinRT 7 v2!

ComponentOne is proud to announce the release of the new Spread WinRT 7 v2. There are major upgrades to this version compared to the last release 9 months ago. There are many new features in this release including: the introduction of Excel 2013 like UI and gesture touch support, Improvements for Excel file import/export and formula calculation performance, 10 categories 30+ chart types totally compatible with Excel, the ability to embed pictures into documents, a formula textbox control, and more...

Creating Colored “Alarm Zones” in C1Chart for XAML

In this post I describe a custom implementation of colored bands, or 'Alarm Zones,' in the C1Chart control, and I provide coded solutions for both WPF and Silverlight. The same code can also be applied to Windows Store and Windows Phone apps as well.

High Performance Charting in WinRT with DirectX

The 2013 v2 release of Studio for WinRT XAML introduced DirectX rendering in the C1Chart control. By just setting the RenderMode property on any data series within the chart, you can enable this high performance alternative to render up to 500,000 data points in seconds.

Getting Started with ComponentOne Chart Video Series 1-4

In this video tutorial series I show you how to get started using the ComponentOne Chart controls for Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone and WinRT XAML. Since the controls share the same code base, much of the same code and techniques can be applied to all XAML versions.

ComponentOne Russ Cam Unplugged : New Series! Increasing Popularity of Phone apps

In this first episode of Russ Cam® Unplugged, Microsoft MVP and Nokia Developer Ambassador, Bill Reiss delivers a great session on increasing your Windows Phone apps popularity.  The goal is simple… to have you feel like you are right in the audience.