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How to Customize Cells and Custom Cell Editors in FlexGrid for Android

A walk-through of how to customize cell content and editors in Xuni FlexGrid for Android.

GrapeCity Xuni Elevates Native, Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Controls for the Enterprise

GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem, today announced the second and latest Xuni release, offering users native experiences across all mobile platforms. In this release, GrapeCity has evolved the Xuni product line and grown its mobile audience reach by offering controls for creating enterprise-level applications in iOS and Android in addition to the Xamarin Platform.

Xuni 2015 v2 Release - See What's New

The 2015 v2 release introduces two new mobile platforms: Xuni for iOS and Xuni for Android. Plus, we've added new controls and features to Xamarin.Forms. The specific platforms and features added are described in this post.