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Xuni Platform Breakdown: A Guide to the Supported Mobile Dev Platforms

Xuni has had a very exciting first year as we’ve seen the number of controls grow in number and maturity as well as the number of supported platforms drastically expand from just one to five (including the individual Xamarin platforms and the native iOS and Android platforms). With so many options available it is worth taking some time to break down the many versions of Xuni, citing what features distinguish each version, and who they might appeal to.

An In-Depth look at FlexChart Line Markers in Xuni for iOS

The 2015 v3 release of Xuni brings several major new features to the product, and one of the biggest is interactive line markers for FlexChart. Line markers are a very useful way of conveying a large amount of information to a user in situations where screen real estate is limited, which is often the case in mobile apps. Line markers don’t require the same tapping precision needed to display tooltips, nor do they use up as much screen space as static data labels. Thus they are often the perfect mechanism for allowing a user to interact with a chart, and obtain precise information about multiple series. By simply dragging over the chart a user can quickly determine they information that they need.

Introducing Xuni iOS Webcast

In this webcast we get up close and personal with Xuni iOS’s data management and data visualization controls for Universal iOS apps.

GrapeCity Xuni Elevates Native, Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Controls for the Enterprise

GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem, today announced the second and latest Xuni release, offering users native experiences across all mobile platforms. In this release, GrapeCity has evolved the Xuni product line and grown its mobile audience reach by offering controls for creating enterprise-level applications in iOS and Android in addition to the Xamarin Platform.

Xuni 2015 v2 Release - See What's New

The 2015 v2 release introduces two new mobile platforms: Xuni for iOS and Xuni for Android. Plus, we've added new controls and features to Xamarin.Forms. The specific platforms and features added are described in this post.