On December 15, I’m presenting a webcast on my favorite new product—OLAP for Silverlight. I love this product because it hits the sweet spot where advanced reporting and data interaction is needed, but where Cognos or SSAS are either overkill or out of budget. What’s really cool is that you can use any regular collection as a data source. During the webcast, I’ll be using an XML file as a data source. The OLAP controls (both WinForms and Silverlight) are composite controls, which incorporate our FlexGrid, C1Charts and C1Reports into a single component. The individual controls are included in the package, and can be used separately to create a completely custom UI. We’re currently in open beta, and you can get the controls and samples at http://www.componentone.com/SuperProducts/OLAPSilverlight/.

Here’s the official announcement:

Want OLAP-style data browsing, in Microsoft® Silverlight®, without cubes? Join Technical Evangelist Rich Dudley as he shows you how to achieve this with ComponentOne OLAP™ for Silverlight. This collection of Silverlight controls provide the analytical processing features similar to those found in Microsoft Excel pivot tables and charts.

Using ordinary data tables (or a regular collection) from any source, you can easily build interactive matrices and charts, allowing your users to create the data views they need. Optionally, build a completely custom UI to allow for easy end-user selection of datasets while enforcing user security. This Webcast will demonstrate many of the features of OLAP for Silverlight.

For more information on this Beta product (due to release in 2011 v1), or to download the open beta, visit the website.

Register today at https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/805502210.