At GrapeCity, your suggestions are an integral part of the product design and roadmap. The 2015 V3 release is an example of how much your feedback is important to us , the majority of features in the ASP.NET stack is a result of valuable inputs from you.  We have added new controls and features to all flavours of ASP.NET. In Web Forms we have added annotations in charts, ASP.NET MVC Edition has a new FinancialChart control and lot of features added to existing controls, the official release of Web API Edition has new excel and barcode REST API's.

Let's walk through all the new and exciting stuff added to ASP.NET stack in V3:


New FinancialChart control

Instantly create stunning, advanced stock trending visualisations with the powerful FinancialChart for ASP.NET MVC. Analyze with trendlines, filters, range selectors, annotations—all with minimal coding. Optimized for the finance industry, this full-service control meets nearly every need to get users started on a full stock market application, directly out of the box.


ComponentOne Studio FinancialChart Arms CandleVolume

Supported ChartTypes:



FinancialChart for MVC support various financial chart types like ArmsCandleVolume, CandleVolume, EquiVolume, ColumnVolume, Heikin-Ashi, Renko, Kagi and LineBreak. These chart types are in addition to the standard chart types available.


ComponentOne Studio FinancialChart Stock Chart Demo

ComponentOne Studio FinancialChart Markers

Ability to interact with chart data points is vital for any data visualization application. FinancialChart has different tools which provide flexibility to interact with the charts. You can show Markers, drill through the data using range selector or manipulate the chart rendering by granular access to the chart points through HitTest.


ComponentOne Studio FinancialChart Fibonacci Tool

Analytics is built into FinancialChart, with support for various trend lines, moving average, annotations and Fibonacci tool data analysis is made easy. And if you need more flexibility then there is FunctionSeries and ParametricFunctionSeries which accept formulas so that you can draw custom series.


Now let's see the new features in other MVC Edition controls.

FlexGrid for MVC

Load\Save Column Layout:


FlexGrid allows you to load and save column layout at client and server-side. At client-side, the local storage is used to save and restore the layout, this is helpful in case a user wants to always open a specific view of the grid with certain columns sorted, re-arranged etc. On the server side this functionality helps an admin to provide different layouts to users having different authorizations.

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Event annotations are used to mark important events that can be attached to a specific data point on the FlexChart. FlexChart supports Circle, Ellipse, Image, Line, Polygon, Rectangle, Square and Text.


Date Validation in InputDate\Calendar:


The Calendar and InputDate control now support date validation. These controls provide a itemValidator property which accepts a function that checks if a date is valid or not. If a certain date is not valid the it can be selected in the calendar or typed in the InputDate.

Data Binding in InputTime:


InputTime now supports data binding, this can be used to provide custom time list in certain cases. For example certain hours of day may not be available to schedule an appointment.

Context Menu support in Menu:


Context menus are menus that appear upon user interaction, typically a right-click, and display commands that apply to the object that was clicked. The Menu control now has Owner property, this property can take the ID of another control for which the menu acts as a context menu.


 Web API Edition

This is the official release of Web API Edition, with this we have added new Excel and Barcode REST api's that let you generate or merge excel files and create BraCodes on the fly . These Web API's can be called from any platform: be it WinForms, XAML or HTML, since these are Rest services these api's are platform agnostic.

Generate Excel File

Web API now supports Get & Post methods to generate Excel files from JSON, XML or available .Net Collection\DataTable on the server. Web API also supports Get and Post methods to convert between Excel, JSON, CSV and XML documents. For example users can Post an excel file to get CSV, JSON or xml document.

ComponentOne Studio Web API Edition REST Services


Merge excel files

Merge multiple Excel files to create a single file, the merging API honors formulas and styles while merging multiple excel files.

ComponentOne Studio Web API Edition Merge Excel


Generate Barcodes

Generate barcodes on the fly by simply passing text and code type to web api. The web api returns a barcode image stream that could be added to any business document. The api supports all the major barcode types and QRCode.

ComponentOne Studio Web API Edition BarCodes



Web Forms Edition



Chart Annotation

Event annotations are used to mark important events that can be attached to a specific data point on the Chart. Web Forms Edition Chart supports Circle, Ellipse, Image, Line, Polygon, Rectangle, Square and Text.

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