Build 259 has released, and it has some nice new samples as well as some updates for our new wijmo.viewer module.

Change Log

  • Angular 2: Added support for Angular 2.4.1 Angular 2 Info
  • ReactJS: Added support for ReactJS ReactJS Info
  • VueJS: Added support for Vue 2 VueJS 2 Interop sample | How to Create Great VueJS applications Using Wijmo Controls blog
  • ReportViewer and PdfViewer updated to support new FlexReport server.
  • Added ServerCollectionView sample to demonstrate using remote datasources with FlexGrid. ServerCollectionView sample
  • Added FilterPanel sample that shows currently active filters and allows users to remove filters by clicking. FilterPanel sample
  • Added Angular 1/2 PdfViewerIntro samples.PdfViewerIntro sample
  • Added Angular 2 version of the HeaderFilters sample. HeaderFilters sample
  • The following modules can now work with JSZip 3: wijmo.xlsx, wijmo.grid.xlsx and wijmo.grid.sheet. In addition to existing sybchrinous load/save methods that work only with JSZip 2, the asynchronous loadAsync/saveAsync methods were added, which require JSZip 3. The ExcelImportExport sample is updated to demonstrate the feature.

New Samples

Breaking Changes

Get Started

Download Wijmo build 5.20163.259