INETA is sponsoring the INETA Component Code Challenge, with the winner receiving a scholarship to PDC 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. All you need to do is build the best application using Spread and another component.

The Details:
Build a .NET Application (WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight, Compact Framework, etc.) using at least 2 components from at least 2 different approved vendors (yes, FarPoint is an approved vendor) then make a 3-5 minute Camtasia video showing your entry and describing what components you used and why your application is cool. Our judges will review the submissions and the best two will win a scholarship to PDC 2009 in Los Angeles, CA, including air fare, hotel, and conference pass. The submission deadline is 08/25/2009 at Midnight Eastern and the winners will be announced on 09/14/2009. Entries will be judged on four criteria:

•             Effective use of a component to solve a problem/display data
•             innovative use of components
•             Impact using components (i.e. reduction in lines of code written, increased productivity, etc.)
•             Most creative use of a component.

See the contest page ( on the INETA web site for more details and full rules.

That’s it. So what are you waiting for? Show them how you are using Spread today and possibly win a free trip to PDC. Good luck!