This complete framework to create reporting and document objects is a set of low-level utility classes used by other components, including PdfDocumentSource, FlexReport, and SSRSDocumentSource.

Cross-platform document library

Work with document objects in any platform with minimal differences

Asynchronous document generation

Use the provided infrastructure to generate your own documents asynchronously

Export into multiple formats

Export documents into a stream or any file format

Support for FlexReport features

Provides classes like Border, C1LinearBrush, C1RadialBrush, ShapeBase, and LineShape, which are used to add formatting in FlexReport and draw various shapes

Search document text

Search text within a document through code or with a viewer

Text selection

Select text from a report or document by opening in a viewer

C1Document Works with Other Components


ComponentOne's .NET reporting engine builds documents from report definitions and data sources using the C1Document library. You can customize your FlexReports by.... ? Read more about FlexReport

FlexViewer, Flexreport's report viewer

​PDF DocumentSource

You can use the C1PDFDocumentSource component of C1Document to load a PDF file, This PDF component can read, print, and export your PDF documents without any third-party PDF reader or software. It also acts as a key component to load and view your PDFs in Read more about PDF DocumentSource

PDF DocumentSource rendering

SSRS DocumentSource

SSRS DocumentSource helps to load SSRS reports in FlexViewer and supports other SSRS features. The following features in SSRS reports are supported in SSRS DocumentSource:

  • Parameters
  • Drill down, drill through
  • Hyperlinks
  • Outlines
Read more about SSRS DocumentSource

Magnifier for ASP.NET MVC

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Web Demos

ASP.NET MVC FlexViewer Explorer

FlexGrid 101: ASP.NET MVC FlexViewer 101

Wijmo JavaScript FlexReport ReportViewer is available with ComponentOne Ultimate.



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