GcPDF 2.0

Tagged PDF (PDF/UA)

Tagged content enables screen reader softwares and other assistive technologies to read PDFs. Users can create and load PDF/UA compliant files, and create, load, modify and modify tags in existing PDFs.

StructElement seParagraph = new StructElement("P");
seParagraph.DefaultPage = page;
// add it to Part element

// draw TextLayout within tagged content
g.BeginMarkedContent(new TagMcid("P", i));
g.DrawTextLayout(tl, new _Point(20, y));

// add content item to paragraph StructElement
seParagraph.ContentItems.Add(new McidContentItemLink(i));

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Merge, split, copy, and move pages between PDF documents

A key PDF editing feature has been added! Users can now merge multiple PDF documents into a single document; split up a PDF into multiple documents; and copy and move pages within a PDF or between PDFs. Additionally, a FormXObject, a space-efficient way to store repetitive content, can be created from any PDF page and reused in the same or other documents.

Merge PDFs in code

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Draw images semi-transparently

GcPdf has always supported popular formats for drawing images. Semi-transparent images enhance this feature to include watermark logos and images.

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Document-level file attachments

GcPDF 1.0 enabled users to add file attachments as annotations to PDF document, which pointed at document locations in the system. Now, GcPdf adds the ability to actually embed these files of different formats in PDF. Once PDF is generated, you can open these files from the PDF itself.

Document-level file attachments

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Extract images from PDF

Extract any image from a PDF file with this new feature! Images can be saved for uploading online or to the system, and use the images in different file formats.

var docSrc = new GcPdfDocument();
var imageInfos = docSrc.GetImages();

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Extract text from PDF

When users need to edit a PDF, but don't have a PDF tool, they can now extract all text from the PDF for use on web pages, Word documents, PowerPoint, etc.

Extract text from PDFs in code