Get a complete collection of data entry and validation controls

With Input for ASP.NET MVC, choose from masked, date, numeric, and custom editing. Popular features include masks, custom format support, localization, and more.

Color Input and Picker Control

With the InputColor control, users can select colors by typing in HTML-supported color strings or pick them from a drop-down ColorPicker control. Using this control, you can allow users to select colors and to intuitively display the changes into CSS for a control or design mode.

ASP.NET MVC Color Picker

Mask Input Control

With the InputMask control, prevent invalid data by validating and formatting user input as it is entered. Edit strings using a mask that prevents invalid input and skips over literals. Bind the control to variables using the control's Value property. Use the Mask property to specify the format of the input.

ASP.NET MVC Masked Input

Numeric Input Control

Using the InputNumber control, you can edit numbers, preventing you from entering invalid data. You can also format the numeric value as it is edited. Edit numeric values or use spinner buttons to increment or decrement the current value. Bind the control to variables using the control's Value property. Use the Min and Max properties to restrict the valid numeric range. Use the Step property to select the increment applied when the user clicks the spinner buttons.

Date and Time Input Controls

With the InputDate control, you can edit and select dates via a drop-down calendar, preventing you from entering an incorrect value. Use the InputTime contol to modify the time portion of a date by entering data or by picking from a list. Bind the controls to Date values using the control's Value property. Use the Min and Max properties to restrict the valid time range. Use the Step property to select the interval between time values shown in the drop-down list.

ASP.NET MVC DatePicker


Add a drop-down list with multiple selection to your application. Fully customize the header, which shows up to two items selected and the item count beyond that. Control the maximum number of items to display, the message displayed when no items are selected, and the format string to show the item count.  MultiSelect can be bound to any collection (array, list, etc).

ASP.NET MVC MultiSelect DropDown


The PopUp control shows arbitrary elements as popups, popovers, or dialogs. Popovers have owner elements to control their visibility and are placed relative to their owner elements on the screen. Dialogs have no owner elements and appear toward the center of the screen.


Easier Development

Define the cultural settings used by any input control. Create code-free views and save time with scaffolding support for Input.

Alerts for Invalid Input

Eliminate invalid input like alphanumeric characters in a numeric input box. Visually alert your users with red font or display an error message.

Customize with Themes

With more than 18 built-in themes available, you can quickly and easily customize the appearance of controls to match your application's theme and company branding.