Get started quickly with project templates

These project templates for ASP.NET MVC versions 3, 4, and 5 get you started with MVC development by quickly configuring the project with ASP.NET MVC resources. The templates configure the project with ASP.NET MVC resources by integrating required ComponentOne libraries and themes, resource registering, and license configurations.

ASP.NET MVC Project Templates

Standard, AJAX, Model Binding, Spreadsheet Templates

The gallery includes four templates:

  • Standard: Create an ASP.NET MVC Web Application preconfigured with C1 ASP.NET MVC controls
  • AJAX: Create a C1 ASP.NET MVC responsive application with ajax binding
  • Model Binding: Create a C1 ASP.NET MVC responsive application with model binding
  • Spreadsheet: Create a C1 ASP.NET MVC business application with spreadsheet.

Editor Templates

Enhanced EditorTemplates in the MVC Project Templates turn EditorFor helpers into rich editors. Render a basic DateTime field as an InputDate control with a pop-up calendar, giving your users a rich experience.

Project Wizard

ASP.NET MVC's project wizard helps with:

  • Library Inclusion in Projects:
    • Basic MVC Controls
    • FlexSheet
    • OLAP
    • FlexReport
    • FinancialChart
  • Theme selection
  • Document Library Selection
  • Enabling TypeScript Intellisense
  • Adding EditorFor templates

Standard ASP.NET MVC 3/4/5 and ASP.NET Core Projects

These project templates can create a standard ASP.NET MVC version 3, 4, or 5, project — as well as an ASP.NET Core project — that automatically adds references based on the choices you made in the project wizard, adds licenses, and registers resources. These projects can also enable Razor IntelliSense for ASP.NET MVC controls.