Top Highlights of Service Pack

SThe Spread.Services service pack includes JSON support for SpreadJS! Spread. Services is also available as an upgrade to SpreadJS, and the JSON support will allow SpreadJS customers to consume JSON data with the fastest API available.

Enhancements from the Previous Release

The following features have been added with this version of the product.

  • SpreadJS v11 SSJSON (chart ssjson and data validation ssjson) is now supported. Read more about SpreadJS
  • Excel PageSetup options are now supported to manage printing.
  • Open options are now supported while opening Excel.
  • The RefersToR1C1 property in the IName interface is now supported.

All the Spread.Services features except calc engine are supported on Xamarin.iOS. Users need to disable calc engine as shown below:

Workbook.EnableCalculation = false;

Changes from the Previous Release

This version of the product has the following changes.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved since the last release:

  • SSJSON now loads without losing custom named styles.
  • RGBA field can be read in SSJSON without throwing exceptions.
  • The Value of Range.Rows[i].Hidden is now accurate.
  • Cell value is now changed after exporting an excel file when the value contains "\r".