Switch between content views in your app with JavaScript TabPanel

Easily switch between views or content with the JavaScript TabPanel. Integrate this control with a simple unordered list and expand your app's design possibilities.

Features include:

  • Auto-refreshing when switching tabs
  • Add tabs programmatically
  • Detachable panels
  • WAI-ARIA accessibility
  • Right-to-left orientation
Try the demo

Host Wijmo controls in the panels

Any Wijmo control, like FlexGrid, FlexChart, or Gauges, can be added to the panels and automatically refreshed on click:

JavaScript TabPanel Control

Customize TabPanel with CSS

Using basic CSS and TabPanel's simple layout, you can edit the tabs' alignment, animation, and style:

JavaScript TabPanel Control

Disable and hide tabs

Disable or hide individual tabs using the Tab's isDisabled and isVisible properties:

JavaScript TabPanel Control