Manage the design, layout, appearance, and behavior of multiple input components

ComponentOne InputPanel™ for WinForms is a single control that acts like a complete data-entry form.

Instant Data-entry Forms

Set the InputPanel's data source, and an input control for each field is automatically created for you. All fields and corresponding labels are consistently aligned, and the tab order is defined automatically. A navigation bar is also added to the form for end users to navigate the record set, add new records, delete records, and update changes.

20 Native Input Controls

Choose from any of the 20 native input controls for editing your fields, or host any arbitrary control. When bound, InputPanel will selectively choose the best input control based on the data type.

Multi-column Layouts

By default, the data automatically flows from row to row. For example, you could break the flow to a two-column layout by modifying one property. Your new layout would show two columns with the controls still aligned. Without the flow management functionality provided in InputPanel, you would have to individually move each control, and then realign the controls.

Automatic Tab Order

Make changes to your data form without worrying about restructuring the entire form's tab order. At design time, InputPanel automatically establishes the tab order, making it possible for end users to naturally tab from entry to entry at run time.

Accelerator Keys

When the form is populated with fields from a data source, accelerator keys are automatically generated. InputPanel provides a key accelerator editor to manage any newly added accelerators and alerts you if any duplicates need to be fixed.


You can easily add graphical elements like ToolTips at design time. Enter your ToolTip text, add images, and add HTML formatting using the ToolTipText property's multiline editor.

Validation and Error Handling

Automatically show a customizable visual alert when an end user enters invalid input. By default, the alert is a red frame around the input control. You can also add custom alerts like ToolTips.

Collapsible Group Headers

Group input fields into categories and allow end users to expand or collapse groups at run time.

Universal .NET Data Binding

InputPanel can bind to any .NET data source with little or no code, allowing you to create a fully navigable database browser in seconds.

Built-in Visual Styles

InputPanel supports visual styles that mimic those available in Microsoft Office, including Blue, Silver, and Black. You can also choose the standard system's look and feel.

Automatic Scrollbars

InputPanel automatically adds horizontal and vertical scroll bars when the form is resized, if needed. This feature is available at both design time and run time.

Items Collection Editor

Easily rearrange the items in the panel, add new items, and format the items using InputPanel. Manage these tasks efficiently with the Items Collection Editor, which is available at design time through the context menu or the SmartTag.

Dynamic Forms

Create dynamic data entry forms with InputPanel. Add items to the control at run time and specify where in the sequence you want each item placed without having to position each item or set its location and size.

Extensive Layout Support

Adjust the control's padding to arrange your controls on the form. The controls will remain neatly aligned as you increase and decrease the spacing between them.