A Flexible Cartesian Chart Control

Visualize your data in a wide span of Cartesian chart types including bar, column, area, line, spline, scatter, bubble, high-low-open-close (HLOC) and candle. With customization and interactive features, FlexChart brings life to your mobile dashboards and allows you to create your ideal app.

Wide Variety of Supported Charts and Options

  • Combine multiple chart types into a single plot including area, bar, bubble, candle, column, HLOC, line, scatter and spline.
  • Flexible data binding to any collection for series data and axis labels.
  • Get support for multiple Y axes, logarithmic axes, stacking and data labels to create the best visualization.
  • Attach a variety of annotations to the chart, including images, shapes, lines and data labels.
  • Built-in legend with automatic positioning for responsive apps.
  • Export the chart to an image for endless sharing possibilities.

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Touch-First Interaction for Mobile Dashboards

  • Built-in device-specific tooltips reveal plot information when users tap the chart.
  • Enable end-user selection for a single point or series complete with custom selection styles.
  • Toggle the visibility of a series by tapping the legend.

Customize the Chart with Templates, Hit-Testing, and Events

  • Customize the chart experience or drill-down into a selected point with hit-testing.
  • Customize the axis label format for a mobile-friendly layout.
  • Customize the appearance of most chart elements including data labels, axes, tooltips, titles and footer text.
  • Select a built-in palette or provide your own color scheme.

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