A fast, flexible data grid

Display tabular data across columns and down rows with this simple, powerful grid control. FlexGrid brings a spreadsheet-like experience to your mobile apps, with intuitive touch gestures and quick-cell editing capabilities.

Intuitive touch gestures for cell selection, editing and scrolling

  • Effortlessly select multiple cells and rows by dragging touch-friendly adorners.
  • Double-tapping on a cell puts it into edit mode, just like Microsoft Excel®.
  • Row and column freezing keeps the most important information visible while scrolling.
  • Designed for a mobile world, FlexGrid also supports column resizing by touch.

Adaptive Column Layouts for any Sized Device

  • Create adaptive column layouts that proportionally resize themselves given the page size.
  • Eliminate horizontal scrolling and create mobile-friendly lists using column star-sizing techniques similar to the XAML Grid control.
  • Better utilize screen real estate by displaying details within a collapsible cell beneath each row.
  • FlexGrid supports application and device themes that look professional next to standard toolkit controls.

Flexible Data Binding

  • Populate FlexGrid with any collection of business objects.
  • Instant grid creation on all platforms with automatic column generation.
  • In Xamarin.Forms, columns can be defined and bound to directly in XAML following MVVM design practices.
  • Load real time data on demand with help from the C1CollectionView.
  • Create an unbound grid by adding rows and populating the cells manually.

Sort, Filter, and Group with Summaries

  • Get intuitive sorting out of the box when tapping column headers.
  • Filtering can be extended to the user in the form of a search box or input form.
  • When grouping, you can display summarized aggregates on grouped rows.
  • Reduce noise and improve organization with automatic cell merging of adjacent cells with the same value.
  • Group columns into more-readable sections with multi-line column headers.

Endless Formatting Options with Custom Cells

  • Format numeric and date columns for ideal readability using simple format strings.
  • Display relational data lists as pickers in cells with built-in data mapping.
  • Apply conditional formatting to highlight certain cells
  • Customize the cell content with UI elements or provide custom cell editors for any data type.
  • Change the appearance of gridlines, column headers, and customize the control’s style through FlexGrid’s easy-to-understand object model