An easy-to-use, native pie chart control

FlexPie is a specialized pie chart control. Because it’s separated from FlexChart, it’s easier to visualize a single list of values as a pie chart. Transform it into a doughnut chart and extend slices by just setting a few properties. Customize the colors or select one of many professionally designed palettes. The control brings life to your dashboards with touch-based selection.

Create Pie Charts and Doughnut Charts with Ease

  • Straight-forward data binding gets you up and running quickly.
  • Add data labels positioned inside or outside each pie slice.
  • Built-in legend with automatic positioning for responsive apps.
  • Export the chart to an image for endless sharing possibilities.

Touch-First Interaction for Mobile Dashboards

  • Built-in, device-specific tooltips reveal slice information when users tap the chart.
  • Explode the selected slice when the user taps it complete with custom selection styles.

Customize the Pie Chart Appearance

  • Customize the appearance of most chart elements including data labels, tooltips, titles and footer text.
  • Customize the chart experience or drill-down into a selected slice with hit-testing.
  • Select one of 20 built-in palettes or provide your own color scheme.