Speed your development time with this full-featured cross-platform chart control

50+ chart types

From basic line charts to radar and polar charts, we're striving for full parity with Excel

Universal API

FlexChart's intuitive shared object model allows you and your team to shorten your cross-platform learning curve

Small footprint

FlexChart's assembly is less than 500 KB for WinForms, WPF, and UWP

Fast and high-performing

Engineered for top performance, FlexChart won't slow down your business apps

Flexible data binding

Bind your charts to static arrays and dynamic lists from any data source

Pixel-perfect rendering

With DirectX and GDI+ rendering in desktop and SVG in web, your charts have never looked better


Web Demos

ASP.NET MVC Control Explorer: Core | MVC

FlexChart 101: Core | MVC

FlexPie 101: Core | MVC


Based on ASP.NET 5 technology, FlexChart can be hosted as part of HTTP services (ASP.NET Web API or RESTful).The client applications (HTML/JS, MVC, mobile or native) can call the web service for creating chart images through code and display and export thereafter. Read more

FlexChart for JavaScript is available in Wijmo.

Native Mobile Demos

iOS Demo: Download from the App Store

Android Demo: Download from Google Play

Windows 10 Demo: Download from the Microsoft Store



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What's New in 2017

  • TreeMap added to all FlexChart platforms as a control. Read more.
  • Added StackedGroups for Column and Bar charts
  • Added text wrapping for the chart Legend
  • Added ErrorBar and Box-and-Whisker charts to WinForms, UWP, WPF
  • Added axis binding and multiple plot areas to WinForms, UWP, WPF
  • Added slice percentage share to sunburst chart in WinForms, UWP, WPF
  • Added scaffolding for new charts in ASP.NET MVC
  • Funnel chart displays sales processes in a funnel shape. Available in WPF, UWP, WinForms, and MVC.

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