automatic filter values above/below trendline

Posted by: fabioand2k-dd on 3 August 2017, 3:51 pm EST

  • Posted 3 August 2017, 3:51 pm EST

    <P>can filter values above/below trendline ? it's very important to do deep analysis.</P>
    <P>Fabio Andrade</P>
  • Replied 3 August 2017, 3:51 pm EST

    <P class=MsoNormal>Hi,<o:p> </o:p></P>
    <P class=MsoNormal>It seems from your question that you are looking to perform a drill through for deep analysis. I would suggest you to go through the following forum issue which is related to filtered values:</P>
    <P class=MsoNormal><A HREF="/forums/1/112459/ShowPost.aspx#112459"></A><o:p> </o:p></P>
    <P class=MsoNormal>This forum issue will guide you to access the filtered values and also has a sample in the end which displays a way to achieve this.<o:p> </o:p></P>
    <P class=MsoNormal>Regards,</P>
    <P class=MsoNormal>Sankalp</P>
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