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Posted by: colorado-dd on 3 August 2017, 3:57 pm EST

  • Posted 3 August 2017, 3:57 pm EST

    I am looking at the ActiveAnalysis Win Viewer, v2.0.307.18, evaluation copy. I am trying to connect to one of my ODBC data sources. I select Data / Connect to Data Source from the menu bar, and then double-click New Connection to DataBase...

    For Data source type, I select Odbc. I use Properties to enter the User or system data source name as one of the ODBC system dsn's on my PC. I also enter the appropriate user name and password in the login information. The Test Connection button verifies the connection credentials are correct ("Test connection succeeded"). I have both skipped the Advanced button and gone to the additional dialog to enter the name of my ODBC driver (Oracle in Ora10g).

    But, after I click OK on the Properties dialog, nothing further happens.

    I replaced the default Query string with a sql statement used in the database to create a cube file (for Dynamicube, by the way). I entered a connection name, and I played with the schema file name and selecting or deselecting the Auto checkbox.

    But the OK button never activates. When I click Test Connection on this dialog, I get the error message, "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: dataFieldTypes."

    What am I missing? Is this a limitation of the Evaluation copy?

    If the forum will not automatically send me a reply, would you kindly copy me at Thanks!

  • Replied 3 August 2017, 3:57 pm EST

    I am unable to replicate this issue. Here are the steps that I took to establish a connection using ODBC data source type:
    1) click connect to datasource.
    2) New Connection To Database..

    *Now DataBase Connection Dialog opens*

    3) Choose ODBC from Data Source Type.

    4) Clicked on properties and then used tried using both "Use user or system datasource name" and "Use Connection String" option.
     For Use User or System Datasource name, datasource prepopluates
     For Use connection String, Connection string of DSN should look like:
    Dsn=Nwind;dbq=C:\Nwind.mdb;driverid=281;fil=MS Access;maxbuffersize=2048;pagetimeout=5;uid=admin

    5) Click Test Connection, and click ok

    6) Enter Query String on the DataBase connection page.

    7) Choose option to generate schema or provide a schema file, give a connection name.

    8) Test connection and click ok.

    The schema loads in the viewer. Is there a way I can reproduce the issue you reported at my end?

  • Replied 3 August 2017, 3:57 pm EST

    OK. There it is. My query was not valid.

    There are 2 "Test Connection" buttons, but the second one (Step 8) does more than test the connection. It also runs the query, and the query must return data! Only then does the OK button activate.

    Maybe you could suggest the developers call that button Execute Query instead of Test Connection.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Replied 3 August 2017, 3:57 pm EST

    Can you tell me why sometimes my query runs and puts data in the pivot grid but sometimes not?

    Are there rules about maximum field widths for attribute fields?

    Can I use the Oracle substr() function to shorten a long field value?

    Is the Win Viewer a "real" product intended to be used as-is with cube data, presumably generated outside the viewer, or is it intended as a sample of what my .net developers could do with the component?

    Furthermore, I have opened a new connection and had the query executed, so I am able to view data and manipulate the layout. But I cannot see the underlying data. Whether I select 1 or more datapoints in the pivot grid, the right-click menu shows the "View underlying data" option as grayed-out inactive. The help page says, "These steps assume that you have a data connection in place." Since that is how I obtained the data being viewed, what else is missing? (Note: View aggregated data IS active.)

    And why in the pivot grid do the circles grow to a huge size? I am now looking at a chart where they are 3/8" in diameter!


    (And why does the forum editor remove my line breaks from an earlier post?)

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