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Posted by: trail-hacker on 3 August 2017, 3:52 pm EST

  • Posted 3 August 2017, 3:52 pm EST

    I need to be able to hide all cards except for the Title card. My application makes heavy use of custom themes and we allow the user to set a title of their display in one mode. Then, in our dashboard display, we need the ability to hide all cards (including ColorLegend, SizeLegend, ShapeLegend, and CurrentPage cards) except for the TitleCard at the top with TitleWidth = 0.

    Unfortunately this is not possible in windows or web. The only option that I can see is to hide all shelves (including TitleShelf). I'm currently writing a work around to get the Title from <b>pivotView.GetLayoutState().Title</b> and show it in my own label above the PivotView. However, this requires that I rework all the styles to fit the PivotView style. Therefore, I would like to request the ability to hide the various Legend cards and CurrentPage card in both Windows and Web.

    If there is a quick trick that I can do to get these to hide, please let me know. This could save me a lot of work.

  • Replied 3 August 2017, 3:52 pm EST

    One idea for managing the visibility of these cards might be to have a top level property on the PivotView that told the underlying code to ignore user settings (like it does now). If I set this property to false, then it should set the visibility to whatever I tell it to. Here is a quick look at exactly what I'm doing:
    <font face="Courier New">
     _pivotView.CardLayout[CardType.Title].Visible = true;
     _pivotView.CardLayout[CardType.Title].Dock =
     _pivotView.CardLayout[CardType.ColorLegend].Visible = false;
     _pivotView.CardLayout[CardType.SizeLegend].Visible = false;
     _pivotView.CardLayout[CardType.ShapeLegend].Visible = false;
     _pivotView.CardLayout[CardType.PagePanel].Visible = false;
     _pivotView.CardLayout[CardType.FilterShelf].Visible = false;
     _pivotView.CardLayout[CardType.Description].Visible = false;

     _pivotView.CardLayout.TitleWidth = 0;

     foreach (var key in _pivotView.QuickFilters.Fields)
        _pivotView.QuickFilters.GetCard(key).Visible = false;</font>

    However, (again) the legend cards all still display when I have fields on the associating Encoding shelves. Hope this gives a better description of what I'm trying to accomplish.
  • Replied 3 August 2017, 3:52 pm EST

    Currently, it is not possible to manage the visibility of the legend cards.

    We have entered this in our system as Case 127888 and added your email address to the list of affected users for this case.

    Do let us know if you require further assistance/clarifications.


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