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Originally Posted 12 November 2012, 4:51 am EST

  • Originally Posted 12 November 2012, 4:51 am EST

    Hello friends,

    I set my default printer as pdf printer.
    I used vprinter to print pdf files.
    Everytime I printed the doc with the method named PrintDoc, a saving file dialog is open.

    Can I hide it?
    If cann`t , is there a way to save pdf format file?
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    If you are using it like

    VSPrinter.PrintDoc [ Choose As Variant ], [ FromPage As Variant ], [ ToPage As Variant ]

    Here Choose, If set to True, the control displays a Print Setup dialog before printing the document. Optional, defaults to False, so you can keep it was false to hide the print dialogue

    Or you may use ConvertDoc as well


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