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Originally Posted 22 December 2014, 11:15 am EST

  • Originally Posted 22 December 2014, 11:15 am EST

    I have just started looking at changing a webpage to display chinese characters. I am using the VS FlexGrid throughout. Has anyone any ideas on how to allow the Grid to change language? I have a dictionary resource file and I have got that working with some JQuery for buttons and text labels by adding the <Span lang> tags but I am not sure how this would work with the flex grid.

    I am adding data to the Grid as shown below.

    RB_TestGrid.AddItem vbTab & "430" & vbTab & "Machine 1" & vbTab & "Test - A"
    RB_TestGrid.AddItem vbTab & "440" & vbTab & "Machine 1" & vbTab & "Test - B"
    RB_TestGrid.AddItem vbTab & "450" & vbTab & "Machine 1" & vbTab & "Test - C"
    RB_TestGrid.AddItem vbTab & "190" & vbTab & "Machine 1" & vbTab & "Test - E"

    Any help would be good.

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    Hello Dalekeys12,

    You would need to use unicode version of VsFlexGrid Light in your application. To change the text of the VsFlexGrid based on the language, you would need to change the underlying data shown in the VsFlexGrid. In case you are using a bound grid, simply change the datasource.
    If you are using the unbound grid, you need to change the text of the cells as :
    fg.Cell(flexcpText,1,1) = "Text"

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    This is what I feared, having to change the data source or SQL query behind the Grid. Do you know if the Wijmo 3 Grid can allow you to dynamically change what is displayed on the Grid simply using a resource file and some JQuery?

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    Hello Dalekeys12,

    There are two different concepts involved in localizing Wijmo widgets. First, you can globalize dates and numbers for supported cultures. Second, you can provide custom strings for specific buttons, tooltips, and other text that appears in the user interface for each widget.
    For more details please refer here :

    In case you want to use FlexGrid (Wijmo 5), then you can find all supported cultures in downloaded package at the following path:

    For more queries on the Wijmo products, please post on our Wijmo forums.

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