Installing VSFlexGrid 7.1 on Windows 8

Originally Posted 7 August 2013, 12:42 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 7 August 2013, 12:42 pm EST

    I am still nursing along some VB6 software that I developed along time ago. I am moving to a new computer that uses 64bit Window 8. I have managed to get VB6 installed but when I try to install the setup.exe for VSFlexGrid from my old ComponentOne disk from November 2000, I get told that "This app can't run on your PC". I have tried changing to run it with Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility and that does not work. I have run it as an administrator and that does not work. Has anyone successfully installed VSFlexGrid 7.1 on Windows 8? If so how?
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    Hello Jason,

    I would like to inform you that vsFlexgrid 7.0 is an obselete version of the control and we no longer provide support for the controls below version 8.0.
    Also, it was never tested with Windows 8 environment as the same was not available at that time. Therefore, there might exist some issues.

    You can download the latest build compatible with Win 8, from the link below :

    Let me know if you face any issues with the latest build.

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