RTFLineBrk sample

Originally Posted 29 November 2011, 2:23 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 29 November 2011, 2:23 pm EST

    Where can I find the VSView "RTFLineBrk" sample mentioned in the manual:-

    "RTFLineBrk -
    Render RTF text from a RichTextBox control preserving the line breaks. This sample uses the RichTextBox and VSPrinter control."
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    The samples for VsView are installed in the "Documents" folder of your machine. The path of the samples is:
    Windows 7/ Vista : C:Users<UserName>DocumentsComponentOne SamplesVSView 8.0
    Windows XP : C:Documents and Settings<UserName>My DocumentsComponentOne SamplesVSView 8.0

    The "RTFLineBrk" sample is installed in the "VB" folder. I am attaching the same here.

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