Some VsFlexGrid functions slower under Windows 7

Originally Posted 12 March 2013, 2:01 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 12 March 2013, 2:01 pm EST

    Evaluated VSFlexGrid 8 (light) for use in legacy app, but noted that some operations appear to take several times longer in Windows 7 than in Windows XP. For example:
    grid.AutoResize = True
    grid.AutoSizeMode = flexAutoSizeRowHeight
    grid.AutoSize 2, 2

    Have you fixed this or can you explain why this is slower under Windows 7. Are there other operations that would take longer under Windows 7?
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    I check the same in Win 7 with VSFlexGrid build vsflex8_8.0.20122.296, however it worked normal without any delay or time lag.

    So this seems to me something very specific to your project, can you share the sample on your end,replicating the problem and also check this with the build below, if you not using the latest one.
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    Using specified vsflex8 version in my test. I've prepared sample VB6 app--a few columns of multi-line text, 10 iterations of an AutoSize call over all 10 columns. In Win7 3.7 seconds, XP 0.3 seconds.
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    This was reproducible on my end too, I'd be Escalating this to DEV, would let you know on getting some update.

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    Hi, did DEV get back about this issue and possible workarounds?


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